Author Anna Dowe Responds to Turbulent Times by Releasing “Bent Not Broken” for Families Dealing with PTSD

Author Anna Dowe has released her new book, Bent Not Broken, to help those whose partners are suffering from PTSD. Her book helps families cope with the issues surrounding this condition and emerge with stronger and healthier coping skills.

Anna Dowe, a self-improvement and personal coach as well as a motivational speaker and author, has released her latest book, Bent Not Broken: Finding Your Power, Passion and Purpose – A Family’s Guidebook to Surviving PTSD.  According to the author, spouses of those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD face unique challenges as they struggle to understand their partners.  “Often, partnerships that were once blissful become havens of discord, anger, and heartache. Many relationships fall apart as the couple is thrown into a whirlwind of confusion, pain, and frustration as both partners now battle with their new reality,” says Dowe.

Bent Not Broken provides help for spouses and families of those who have suffered from PTSD.  The author’s goal is to shed light on the secondary traumatization effects that occur with those who are close to someone suffering from this condition and give families practical help for dealing with the stress they encounter.

According to experts, PTSD affects many service people returning from combat deployments.  Counselors and others who work with these returning service personnel have praise for the book.  “Written as a collection of short stories, author Anna Dowe delivers a transparent, practical and inspiring guide for those women who are immersed in the aftermath of their partner’s PTSD,” says one critic. “Bent Not Broken is a heart-opening, educational look at the process of coping with, and surviving, when a family member suffers with PTSD.  This book is filled with practical insights from Anna’s own story, other spouses, peer support staff, counselors, doctors and psychologists.
A must read for any woman who has suffered, or is suffering, through the devastation of losing, living with and loving a spouse with PTSD.”

Bent Not Broken is an educational tool that can help with the process of coping with and surviving PTSD from a family member’s perspective. Filled with practical skills and workable tools that are backed by modern research, the book also includes real-life first- and third-person accounts of counselors, doctors, and psychologists that offer insight into real-life ways to cope with a loved one’s PTSD.

Dowe will be offering a free copy of her book, a $32 value, on her website at for a limited time.

About Anna Dowe:  Author Anna Dowe has devoted her time to offer practical, inspiring advice for spouses who are struggling with a partner’s post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.  She uses her personal experiences and insights to offer hope for others.  Dowe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA Psychology) from York University and is also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy (TLT), and Hypnotherapy (C.HT).

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