Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Kent – Clarebelles is a local domestic cleaners service, and is made up of an excellent team of cleaners in Tunbridge Wells. They provide regular, ad-hoc, and one off cleaning services to homeowners that are approximately 20 miles of Tunbridge Wells.

They provide top quality and reliable cleaning services for homes and business’ and can range from anything between daily housekeeping to monthly visits. They run on a three level service, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Bronze standing at a ‘general clean’, Silver as a ‘moderate clean’, and Gold is an ‘intense clean’. On top of that, they also provide a laundry and ironing service.

On their website, they redirect the customers over to, to help customers that are seeking out property maintenance for their holiday rental. With extensive experiences in the market, Clareabelles understand what guests are looking for and what they are expecting, so they ensure the place is not only immaculately prepared but also that it is stocked and ready to go.

Alongside this, they provide an emergency call out, and handyman service.

Customers who are looking for end of tenancy cleaning are then re-directed over to their website On this website, they express their understanding for tenants renting properties, and all the specific requirements that need meeting as a tenant. They also understand that if these requirements are not met, it means a bad reference from your landlord/landlady, or a deduction from your deposit. End of tenancy cleaning ensures that the place is as clean and sparkling as when the tenant first moved in, so everyone is happy. Clareabelles offers a ‘room by room’ pricing service, which guarantees a proper thorough cleaning job and to also ensure the tenants get that valuable security deposit back in their accounts. They understand that doing such a thorough job yourself can be hard, especially when the tenant is focused on other things such as packing and re-locating. There is also the option for them to call and arrange specialist to come and clean the hard-to-reach places, including ovens and upholstery.

They cover commercial cleaning, with regular maintenance of smaller commercial properties, offices, shops, hairdressers and more. Lastly, they even cover communal area cleaning, if the customer is living in a multiple occupancy property and needs assistance with the maintenance of communal areas.

Media Contact
Company Name: Clareabelles Housekeeping
Contact Person: Clare Hassan
Phone: 01892922312
City: Tunbridge Wells
State: Kent
Country: United Kingdom