Mindfulness Expert Monica Ortiz Shares Why She’s Working To Revolutionize Self Help Industry

LOS ANGELES, CA – 11 Apr, 2017 – Mindfulness Expert / Life Coach Monica Ortiz has over 20 years experience helping people achieve outstanding success. She has worked with lawyers, doctors, professional athletes, national champions, small business owners, managers, actors, and more. Now she is working to bring her proven system and tools that have brought people success in numerous industries to an industry that is in dire need of an overhaul through her school www.ExceptionalLifeInstitute.com

Recently interviewed in a piece by VoyageLA, Monica shares that helping others has always been something that called to her:

“When I started college, my goal was to be a Psychiatrist because while growing up so many people had come to me seeking advice and help with their lives and I thought this would be the best way to help. I did a great deal of studying while holding down a job. But I discovered something I didn’t like within the focus of psychology, and in my second year of school I decided to change my major to business. After that, I began a career as a financial analyst and then in 2004 as a film maker. Throughout that entire time, people continued to seek me out to help them fix situations in their life.”

A successful and award-winning producer, writer, and teacher herself, Monica wants to share the tools she has learned along the way with others to help them build the life they truly want. She believes success and mindfulness are deeply connected.

“Exceptional Life Institute is a place of mindful learning where students come to learn about themselves and the keys to creating the life of success they want. I am most proud of the fact that our tools have helped thousands of people who were stuck move forward from whatever was holding them back and create success. We have saved marriages, bridged gaps in families, watched people find or create the career they wanted, get off drugs, find love, and de-stress for better health. When the tools we teach are learned and applied, real, lasting change happens that leads people into their successful future.”

Topics covered by Exceptional Life Institute include:

• The link between self-discovery, self-transformation, and building an unshakeable foundation of confidence
• Mindfulness as your key to unlocking success in business, career, relationships, and personal life
• How to apply Effective Communication to improve relationships, resolve conflicts, and increase productivity
• Root-digging – How to make lasting change by targeting and addressing the obstacles and roadblocks holding you back
• How to set and achieve at least 2x more goals this year using the Celebrate Your Success framework
• Negotiating your next raise or promotion, stress-free and with confidence

You can discover more about Monica Ortiz and Exceptional Life Institute by visiting www.ExceptionalLifeInstitute.com

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