Protect Personal Estate and Lease Under The New Accounting Climate

Sydney, NSW – CR Commercial Property Group is a corporate real estate tenant representative and advice service, offering customers independent and ethical work. Their three services include tenant advisories service, design, and project management. CR Commercial Property Group has proven to be the most entrusted tenant representative in commercial property for years. They keep a strong track record of delivering projects in a timely manner, inspiring integrity in the industry, and providing independent property and tenant representation and advice.

As early as January 1st, 2019 and 2020, new accounting rules will go into effect and will change how public and private company’s commercial leases costs are reported. If companies are not aware of how to lease under the new accounting climate, they will not be able to properly protect themselves. It’s completely vital for a company to protect their real estate because the business’ real estate is the brick and mortar foundation of the company, and an important asset that can be costly if lost. Companies will soon need to record all leases that are at least 12 months long on their balance sheet as an upfront liability at the start of the lease. The reason it is so important to know how to protect a company, is because this can potentially affect the company’s ability to attract investors, and how much business taxes can end up costing.

The commercial real estate sector is losing translucency, which can then present conflicts of interest. Should companies start worrying? No! CR Commercial Property Group is passionate about fulfilling client’s needs by understanding them. Their company’s core values are built upon expert property market knowledge, strong management, and financial strength. Led by Managing Director, Nicole Duncan, the tenant representation Sydney team is here to show companies how to comply with the new accounting rules. The company needs to first determine the lease’s current status, then classify the lease as A or B, and correctly account the lease on a balance sheet. This outstanding tenant advisory service is here to help protect every company from things like pesky accounting rule changes!

“CR Commercial Property Group has the information and expertise to ensure that commercial tenants get an ethical deal and the best solution for your company’s bottom line,” says the company spokesperson.

CR Commercial Property Group prides itself on assisting tenants lead negotiations by helping them fully understand their rights. In this landlord-focused market, it’s crucial to be strategic to keep a positive relationship with the landlord!

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