Dr. Alexander Rogerson Shares His Life, Thoughts and Beyond

A story in the medical field and what his eyes have seen more than everybody else

Dr. Alexander Rogerson shares his combined medical life story and dissertation titled, A Long Road to the Right Kind of Care.

Drawn from his personal experiences, he chronicles his various medical fields and how he thinks medical care should be provided. Dr. Rogerson bravely opines that the present medical care is not the answer for all. He provides explanations which are simplified and straightforward for the readers to understand the main points and every angle that affects his opinion about the best care for everyone.

A Long Road narrates his humble beginnings on how he wanted to be a doctor early on. He was inspired by his family doctor to become a physician, and attended Harvard University and medical school.  He lets readers read his deep thoughts and see his struggles and proves that strong determination conquers any forms of fear.

Readers get to know more about medical care straight from the view of someone who has been involved long enough to command respect and develop firm opinions. Dr. Rogerson’s 110-page-book is full of awakening thoughts that encourage the readers to wonder about what will be, and should be, the shape of the medical field in the future. 

Alexander Rogerson, MD

A Long Road to the Right Kind of Care

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About the Author

Dr. Alexander Rogerson was born in New England just south of Boston in Milton, Massachusetts. He has had seventy years of medical practice and teaching as a pediatrician who has been involved in all kinds of medical care, including five-and-one-half years in the army medical corp, private care in a prepay pediatric group, academic medicine, care in a native American reservation, care in a large HMO run by Kaser Permanente and care as a substitute in a small pediatric group in the mountains of Northern California. 

After his retirement, he continued to teach and completed fifty-three years of teaching at Oakland Children’s Hospital (being the only physician in the history of the hospital to be on the active staff for over fifty years).

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