Author Pat Bryan Uplifts Female Power on his debut Novel-Sally Runs for Mayor

With great books empowering women in different fields, here’s a new powerful story on that list.

What do the movies The Iron Lady, Game Change and G.I. Jane have in common?  They all speak a strong lead of women whether in politics or any other fields dominated by men. Pat Bryan shares a fictional story entitled, Sally Runs for Mayor, wherein every reader is enchanted to respect women and uncover each of their hidden potentials.

Set in Wyneto, New Mexico, the protagonist Sally Burton at forty-five, lives with low expectations as a teacher, a wife and a mother of two. Surrounded by a region of   prejudice and male domination, she knows running for a political seat is not as comfy as it becomes.  Aside from the chaos and the instance she’s almost raped, being a woman in that place is not only degrading but extremely harmful.

But Sally is not an ordinary girl who simply hides away and keeps herself in a shell. Pat demonstrates a dynamic and persistent symbol who defies the common odds of how traditional women are treated in the society. The readers are drawn to a fast-paced story line that doesn’t let go of the characters in a realistic approach of handling different circumstances, making decisions and expressing their minds. For most male writer who may not clearly understand how women think or behave, Pat is an exception for proving understanding the so-called female empowerment.

Sally Runs for Mayor is not solely a political tirade about women’s position in political arenas. Pat relates to the readers that whether you’re a man or a woman, oppressed or mighty and popular or unknown, everybody has the gifts that can be used to change the tide of one’s course. Sally represents those who have the potentials and she affirms that if she does it, why can’ we?

Pat Bryan

Sally Runs for Mayor

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About The Author

Pat Bryan is a 56-year-old father of a son who currently works for Pittsburgh University and lives in Edison. Bryan is a spiritually meditative person, who is always thinking of the deeper meanings why humans were placed on this firmament called earth and for what reasons.

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