Joister Connect Enjoys Speedier Streaming with PeerApp

PeerApp content-delivery platform puts an end to delays, delivering smooth video everywhere, even in remote locations

MUMBAI, INDIA – 12 Apr, 2017 – PeerApp, the leading provider of local content-delivery solutions that cut network costs and boost customer satisfaction for mobile, telco and cable operators, today announced that Joister Connect, a leading internet broadband service provider operating from Mumbai, has deployed PeerApp’s award-winning, local content-delivery solution. Joister will use the platform to boost delivery of bandwidth-intensive, high-quality content to its rapidly growing subscriber base initially in Mumbai and Pune and then onto other cities and remote locations.

Established in 2005, Joister is a technology-driven company that aims to provide highly reliable, secure and affordable broadband connectivity for residential customers and small businesses. The company holds a Category “B” ISP license for providing internet broadband services in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa. The service is highly reliable due to alliances with multiple telecom players like TATA Communications, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications and Vodafone.  Currently, Joister’s customer base number is in excess of 250,000 and continues to grow strongly.

“Our attraction in the market starts with low-cost packages that match the needs of mobile, home and small businesses along with speedy streaming of content to every level of user,” stated Mr. Nikunj Kampani, Joister CMD. “We selected PeerApp over alternative solutions due to the excellent performance we experienced in dealing with various traffic types, in particular, live streaming during the India Australia cricket match. We believe that PeerApp will enable us to better utilize our network and deliver outstanding quality of experience to our subscribers.”

The PeerApp content-delivery platform offloads end-to-end streams and delivers the content from the network edge, close to subscribers, reducing network traffic while improving content quality. The platform eliminates bottlenecks and delays from the operator’s perspective, and buffering and stalls from the user’s point of view.

Cricket is a like a religion in India. The PeerApp platform enables subscribers to enjoy viewing matches from mobile and other devices without hesitation. The platform has already achieved an impressive network offload of over 80% during peak, live-streaming events. Not only does PeerApp eliminate network spikes, but by localizing live streams, it enables subscribers to receive streaming content with no buffering.

The PeerApp platform is highly scalable and will enable Joister to service its emerging subscriber base in dense cities as well as in sparsely populated, remote locations with superior content delivery even at peak demand times.

“With PeerApp on the team, Joister is surely equipped to have a fantastic Premier League season,” said Kiran Pande, PeerApp’s RVP of Sales. “Our platform will serve Joister throughout its growth trajectory in terms of subscriber numbers as well as geographical reach.” 

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About Joister Connect

Joister is technology driven company aiming at providing highly reliable, secure and affordable broadband connectivity for residential as well as small businesses. Category “B” license holders for providing Internet broadband services in Mumbai, Goa and all over Maharashtra. Leading Internet broadband service providers in Mumbai & Pune with customer base of over 90000 and adding.

We have conceptualized the unique business model of providing broadband services to the last mile cable operators (LCO’s). It is our attempt to bring internet to the remotest of locations where most others fear getting into. We also cater to the enterprise / corporate segment whereby we provide world class Internet services to corporate. In the course we also aim to penetrate other cities and build a strong network base.

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