The Startup That aims to Help End Period poverty

LONDON, UK – 12 Apr, 2017 – There are many startups out there, but not a lot of them that aim to deal with a crisis that many women and girls are facing; the ability to afford safe, feminine hygiene products. This startup aims to help end period poverty by giving women access to organic tampons. There are many reasons why this issue should be something on everyone’s minds.

It’s A Crisis For Women And Girls

Women and girls are being forced to use unsafe products because they can’t afford to purchase organic tampons or pads to use during their menstrual cycle. For those that can afford non-organic feminine hygiene products, they may face health risks such as hormone imbalances and urinary tracts infections because some of the materials used in the products, such as bleach and dyes, are simply not safe. For others, the situation is even more dire as they are being forced to use things like socks, paper towels and toilet tissue in place of tampons and pads. It’s gotten so bad that some girls are even missing school because they can’t afford these items and are too embarrassed to ask their friends if they can borrow them. Some schools in the UK are trying to provide girls with feminine hygiene products, but this is simply not enough and more needs to be done. Thankfully, this Indiegogo Campaign is looking to help out as well and provide girls and women with safe products that they can use.

How Indiegogo Is Going To Help

This Indiegogo Campaign was started to bring about awareness of this issue and give women and girls access to organic tampons. These type of tampons are made with 100% cotton that has never had pesticides used on them and are free of unsafe items like perfume. When a woman uses them she can trust that she is putting something safe in her body and doesn’t have to worry about whether or not it will cause health issues down the road. The creators of this tampon, Rene and Lou, first learned of this issue, that many women were facing, when they visited a food bank and had a woman named Kate ask Lou for a tampon. When they went to the store to purchase tampons for Kate, they soon realized that finding organic tampons was a difficult task. This experience lead them to develop this product and they are even going one step further by using 15% of the proceeds from the sale of these products to provide tampons to women who simply can’t afford them.

What You Can Do

There’s a lot you can do to help support this cause. You can purchase organic tampons and give them to women who are in need. You can also support this campain by visiting: . You can also talk to your friends and family members about the campaign and encourage them to donate money to support the cause. By doing so, you can help end period poverty and give women access to safe tampons and feminine hygiene products.

Media Contact
Company Name: Organic Brands Limited
Contact Person: Rene Yocolly
Country: United Kingdom