Steps in My Shoes: The Life of a Foster Child Kindle Edition by Ron Deming – Now Available on Amazon

Trials and tribulations in life, teach everyone lessons that can benefit them for a lifetime. One such tale of trials and struggle is the book “Steps in My Shoes: The Life of a Foster Child,” available in Kindle edition on Amazon.

There are tales that might be emotional and yet after a few hours, one might forget everything about it. Then there are stories that shall shake the reader to the core and make them feel for the character or the protagonist.

One such story to rock the Kindle world is Steps in My Shoes: The Life of a Foster Child by Ron Deming. This book is based on the true-life events of the author himself who spent his childhood in the foster care system.

A Look at the plot of the story:

He was placed in a foster home due to neglect. He then went on to experience three more foster home placements, being adopted twice, and getting help at five behavioral facilities before aging out of the foster care system. The author’s journey through these ordeals impacted him for life.

He developed several psychological issues including Reactive Attachment Disorder or RAD while also having the influences of RAD amplified by his Sensory Processing Sensitivity or SPS. These issues caused him to experience childhood and adolscence differently than his peers.

A Motivating Read:

A child suffering from RAD can find it difficult to handle their intense feelings of anger and fear of loss. They also mistrust caregivers in their life because their needs were not met at a young age. As a growing child, this would surely alienate him is what one could understand from his book.

It is impressive how the author overcame the overwhelming odds facing foster youth. He shows the mindset that other foster youth could use to overcome similar obstacles in their life. This forms the interesting plot of the book. It is not just a biography or a book with a story. It is far more than that! Today, he is an author and a licensed teacher proving that success comes to those who work with perseverance. His account of the foster-care years is eye opening for the people working with foster youth and will inspire them to overcome their own challenges is what he believes.

About the author:

Ron Deming is an author and a teacher by profession. One can read his inspirational book, Steps in My Shoes: The Life of a Foster Child’s Kindle edition from Amazon right now.

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