Diamond Rings for Engagements Now Range in Price

Diamond engagement rings have now become a staple for couples who are thinking of tying the knot. And at BiggerDiamonds4Less, anyone can find a range of diamond rings suitable for a variety of budgets.

UNITED KINGDOM – 12 Apr, 2017 – Diamond rings are now a popular – if not standard – way to propose. Many men who plan to propose to their special someone make use of diamond engagement rings to ‘seal the deal.’ This is one fact that a diamond ring supplier like BiggerDiamonds4Less fully knows, as it has supplied a number of diamond engagement rings in different styles and sizes to customers for a good many years.

BiggerDiamonds4Less also realises that not many people may have an unlimited budget when it comes to purchasing diamond engagement rings for their loved ones. That’s one reason why the range of diamond rings available through the company has varied pricing as well. Today, those looking for an array of diamond rings can choose lower-priced rings (as low as £700) to rings on the higher end of the spectrum, priced at up to £2000. 

As a representative from BiggerDiamonds4Less explains, the lower-priced rings are not low on quality, either. A classic style diamond engagement ring can now be bought for only £997, down from its original price of £3144.79. Rings are available in different types of metals as well, from white gold to yellow gold and platinum. The size of the ring can also be chosen, ranging from I to T. If, for any reason, the diamond ring does not fit the wearer, it can also be re-sized for free. BiggerDiamonds4Less gives more details about the classic style diamond engagement ring: “High quality hallmarked white or yellow gold setting hand finished to perfection…cut, polished & enhanced for maximum sparkle & radiance…complete with Certificate of Authenticity and Professional Valuation.” 

The diamond engagement rings also come with their own ring boxes, and they are also guaranteed to be conflict-free and sourced ethically. Free delivery (through Royal Mail Special Delivery) is also offered to those living in the UK mainland and its islands, whilst those who are ordering from other countries are encouraged to contact BiggerDiamonds4Less directly.

Those who are on a budget will be happy to know that they have more choices in store for the diamond engagement ring they are looking for – and they don’t have to sacrifice style and quality, either. 

About the company:

BiggerDiamonds4Less is a supplier of diamond engagement rings and other types of jewellery, such as earrings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and bangles, and more in the UK. To learn more about its products, visit the website.

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