Service Empire: Taking Personal Assistance to The Next Level

A new age concierge app for everyone at anytime is now here & it is getting viral dramatically

April 12, 2017 – Service Empire has announced the release of their all new and revolutionary concierge app on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The app is a real game-changer for everyone and is absolutely free of cost. It is a Service Matching Solution that answers all the needs of its users directly from one comfortable app taking care of activities from dining to travel and much more. The app works on a location-based system and is a one-stop solution that offers services for pretty much everything.

“We have employed hundreds of dedicated agents that are always ready to help the users at any given time or location,” said David R., the CEO of Service Empire. “From dinner reservations to flight booking, the app takes care of everything for everyone and we take pride in serving,” he added. Not only is the app free for now, but according to the CEO, the app will remain free forever. From calling a plumber to making free calls, the app has everything a consumer can need in his/her daily life.

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For the busy schedule of a modern day consumer, the app has arrived as a blessing in disguise. Service Empire is a mechanism of the future that will help people like never before. The designers believe that real-life agents have always been and will always be better than automated assistants and computer programs because only humans can understand their fellow human beings. The app has taken personal assistance to the next level with its unique features and their endless benefits.

Imagining a life where a smartphone app can make dinner reservations was a dream that has been translated into reality by the creators of this app and this is truly remarkable. User reviews and feedback regarding the app has been phenomenal and the number of downloads has significantly increased since its launch. Comments and feedback on the social media presence of the app has reflected the love and acceptance people have shown towards this app and according to the industry experts, it is only a matter of time before this amazing app spreads globally.

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Company Name: Service Empire
Contact Person: David R
Phone: 18099612558
Country: United States