Watch out for Jeffrey Marshall as Agent Savage in the upcoming movie “The Real Target”

Maryland, U.S.A – 12 April, 2017 – Imaginations rule the world and no better form of imaginative wonderment has ever surpassed watching a movie. It puts your mind and soul at ease while taking you on a journey to a far away land, existing in your imaginations. The most mind-blowing of these worlds of wonderment are action movies; most especially a spy action movie. If you need to be astonished, do not miss the upcoming spy action movie “The Real target”.

Jeffrey Marshall plays an amazing role of a villain named Agent Savage in “The Real Target”, a spy action movie where a team of secret agents are sent around the world to track down and expose weapons of mass destruction and take down corrupt Government officials and criminal kingpins.“The Real Target” was directed by David Cheung.  Also starring in the movie includes: David Cheung as Jet, Yolanda Lynes as Linda, Armeena Rana Khan as Agent Wilson and other amazing talents.  Action movie fans are guaranteed to be on the edge of their seats by the incredibly breathtaking stunts, thrills and raw and unique action brought to screen by this dynamic cast.

“The Real Target” is due to be released sometime this year 2017.

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About the Actor

Jeffrey A. Marshall is an extremely talented American actor, born in New York.  His father is a Firefighter and his mother is an Administrative Assistant at the University of Rochester.

Jeffrey grew up in a small town in Upstate New York and enjoyed acting in School Theater and musicals. After high school, he attended a community college for two semesters studying Criminal Justice. Jeff dropped out of college and joined the US Army in 1993.  After training in the Army to become a Radio Repairer, Jeff earned his Airborne Wings as a paratrooper. Shortly after, he served in Korea (1994-1995) and then worked at The Pentagon until he left the Army in 1997. Jeffrey became Soldier of the Month, Year and Quarter for his unit and placed third in the Soldier of the Year competition for his Division worldwide.

Jeffrey Marshall then moved to his passion of Information Technology and has been a computer engineer ever since. The acting bug never left Jeff and he finds it natural and exciting to be back into acting.

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