April 12th, 2017 – Celje, Slovenia – Do you have a difficult time splitting wood? QL Six Sign, an enthusiastic team from Slovenia, has a solution for you.  On March 29th 2017, QL Six Sign launched a Kickstarter campaign for Shavlog, a new product invented to make splitting wood a breeze.

So far, the team has raised over 60% of the funds needed to get this project off the ground, with 31 days left until the campaign closes.

“Splitting wood has always been a hard nut to crack and dangerous as well. Until now, cutting wood was a tricky job done with axes and chopping blocks. We invented Shavlog to make your life easier,” said the team, “Once you start using Shavlog, axes and other tools for splitting wood will be obsolete.”

QL Six Sign has combined cutting-edge technology and traditional metalworking to produce a superior designer tool. Shavlog is made of strong and virtually indestructible iron, yet is light enough for anyone to use. They added an oak handle to the iron blade, which is very useful at work and gives Shavlog a unique appearance. The handle is coated with different kinds of natural lacquer to give it a perfect finish.

A work of art as well as a practical tool, Shavlog will beautifully decorate your patio, workshop or even a space in the house next to the fireplace, where it will garner envious glances from the neighbors.

A large part of Shavlog is made by hand, using old, tried and tested procedures. The blade, a unique innovation dreamed up by the team, is cut by a machine to achieve a curve that gives the best results. The form of the blade is based on the axe and its strength was increased with tempering, the method used to make the best blades in the world.

Working with Shavlog is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Open the safety, set the wood on one of Shavlog’s steps, and press to make the kindling fly. Shavlog is very fast, because you don’t have to lean constantly to collect the cut pieces and put them back on a block. Shavlog can be used all year round to make your life easier and help you save on time, which can be better spent with your loved ones.

One of the biggest advantages Shavlog offers is that it is far safer than either knife or axe. What is even better is that no quick movements need to be made while using Shavlog. That’s what gives this product a great advantage. You simply cannot make imprecise movements with Shavlog. Even people with less strength and dexterity will not have a difficult time splitting wood with this tool.

We are a team of young people who are passionate about finding different solutions to old problems and improving existing designs,” the creators explained, “With our bodies and souls, we are devoted to what we do. This project is our very first one, but definitely not the last. We are full of ideas that we are going to bring into the world to make your life happier and easier.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a Shavlog t-shirt for $20, one Shavlog for the Super Early Bird price of $149, and more. Backers can also pledge $299 for two Shavlog wood splitters or $999 for the Distributor Pack.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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Company Name: QL Six Sign
Contact Person: Media Relations
Phone: +386 40 560 002
Country: Slovenia