New Chinese prostate treatment attracts patients from all over the world

The word is out: Dr. Xinping Song, a Chinese prostate specialist, is offering a revolutionary new non-surgical technique for treating prostate cancer. People from all over the world are traveling to his clinics in China to take advantage of this treatment, which is minimally invasive and claims to have no adverse side effects.

Dr. Song’s 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment clinics ( are located in Xiangtan City and Changsha City, both in Hunan Province.

Patients are learning about this innovative treatment process through publications and websites across the globe. Stories about 3D Prostate Treatment have run in:

• MarketWatch
• Wichita Business Journal
• MedIndia
• Arizona Republic, part of the USA Today network
• ADVFN, a financial market website
WND, DailyheraldBuffalonews and so on.  

“The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment has been extremely successful,” said Dr. Song, who has been engaged in prostate disease research and treatment for nearly three decades. “We’re trying to get this important information out to as many people as possible.

“The response has been amazing. We’re getting patients from China and all over the world. People are willing to make this long trip because the treatment works.”  

The treatment combines modern medicine with acupuncture and herbal therapy, thus minimizing painful and harmful side effects. Follow-up care includes diet changes (including regular use of herbal tea) and guidance for better mental health. The natural herbal tea dramatically improves immunity, endocrine function, sexual function and blood circulation.

A systematic and extensive evaluation is the first step. The location and size of the prostate cancer lesions are determined by means of digital rectal examination (DRE) and TransRectal UltraSound (TRUS). When the nature and area of the cancer is fully determined, high concentrations of anti-cancer medicine is injected into the cancer lesion area using 3D local injection technology.

These medications are made of herbal extracts, minimizing harmful side effects.

The injections attack and kill the cancer cells, causing atrophy and necrosis of the prostate cancerous tissue. At the same time, an unblocking medicine is injected to help discharge toxic substances and further reduce side effects. Herbal medicine is also used to restore and improve the health and immunity of the prostate gland, preventing the recurrence of cancer.

“It’s a relatively new approach and is very different from mainstream medical techniques,” said Dr. Song. “Most of our patients have tried traditional treatment, which hasn’t worked. Then they come to us and find a cure.”

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