Argyle Coins Reach Soaring Demand

Investors Latching on To Gold Coins and Silver Coins with Argyle Pink Diamonds Enlay

Argyle Coins has announced a recent rise in demand for their products and services.  With the steady climb in price of diamonds, gold and silver and the projection that there is no end in sight, consumers are flocking to invest in gold coins and silver coins embedded with Argyle pink diamonds,

“Gold and Silver has become the safe haven for global investors,” stated an Argyle Coin representative.  “Coloured diamonds are also in the incline as they are becoming rare and much more valuable as well.  This all adds up to one thing, Consumers can’t get enough and they recognize a wise investment when they see one.”

Argyle Coins is a United Kingdom based Investment Company headed by founder and CEO, Rav Dhillon, The concept began with a simple idea, Dhillon explained.  ““After working in the diamond industry for several years as a broker, I was already well aware of the massive rise in demand for coloured diamonds.”  Realizing the potential, his dream was to make the investment accessible to others as well. And that, he did.

Established in January of 2016, Dhillon brought over a decade of experience in the rare gem trade to his launching of the investment company.  Holding the only official license Argyle commodity in the UK, Argyle Coins offers unique decorated collector’s coins. 

The prized silver and gold coins are embedded in a choice of four colored diamonds (red, pink, blue or yellow). All of the precious gems hail from the Argyle Mine in remote Western Australia, The mine is the world’s exclusive significant source of red and pink diamonds. Argyle pink diamonds account for over 90% of the global distribution of pink diamonds, making these gold and silver coins a coveted commodity.

While there is no foreseeable end to the rise in the price of diamonds, gold and silver, there is, however, an end in sight for the Argyle Mine.  Set to close in 2020, investors are obviously feeling a sense of urgency to scoop up what they can of the precious commodities.

Another explanation for the outpour of business Argyle Coins has recently experienced is the fact that in the accounting period that came to an end in 31/012017, they had collected a taxable profit of £32030.00.  

“Investors are liking the profit margins,” a company spokesperson declared.

The uncertainty of the present and even in the past year with turbulent times for the market, Trump’s election to presidency and Britain annexing from Europe has made the success of Argyle Coins even stronger. Investors appear to be seeking out tangible, secure assets to latch hold of and creative, profitable ways to diversify their portfolios which has resulted in the explosion of the business at Argyle Coins.

Dhillon’s dream to share the wealth may not last forever but consumers are apparently taking advantage of it while it lasts.  For more information regarding the opportunity of investing in gold coins and silver coins embossed with Argyle pink diamonds and for a free consultation with Rav Dhillon, visit the Argyle Coin website.

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