Detectly Helps Beginners and Pros Choose the Best Metal Detectors on the Market

Kirkland, WA – Although many people do not know much about the differences between metal detectors, Detectly helps beginners and professionals choose the best metal detectors for their needs. Detectly is a website run by Marie Decker who has been selling metal detectors for many years, and she desires to share her knowledge and passion with customers who are eager and interested in learning about metal detectors.

Many people shy away from getting involved with metal detectors due to the confusing jargon. aims to educate readers on what these terms mean so that no one is scared away from the hobby due to confusing terms. This website explains to readers what terms like stabilizer, control box, shaft, search coil and discrimination mean. Not only does this website define these terms, but it also explains them in a way that is easy for beginners to understand.

On top of explaining the common language used when discussing metal detectors, Detectly also provides a convenient table on the first page of the website that compares different types of metal detectors. This table lists the model, features, search modes and power. In addition to that helpful information, the table goes on to list weight, warranties, ratings and prices, ensuring any beginner will feel more confident in his or her knowledge of metal detectors.

Detectly lists metal detector reviews for many popular brands and models. Each of these reviews has a picture of the product and a link to eBay or Amazon for easy access to prices for comparison.  These reviews also list specifications, pros and cons, and tons of information regarding what the metal detector can do and what its main purpose is.

Many people know what metal detectors are, but not many know about the different types of metal detectors. Detectly can help an interested buyer find all this information to help them make an informed choice. Additionally, Detectly can also help an interested buyer choose the perfect metal detector for his or her needs.

One of the most influential aspects of a product when considering purchase, is theprice. Detectly goes into detail about finding a metal detector that fits into a budget. Handheld metal detectors are good options for tight budgets, and links to eBay and Amazon for prices are under each metal detector review so the buyer can decide how much money he or she is willing to spend.

Detectly is one of the best websites for everything metal detectors. From honest, well-educated reviews to links to prices, Detectly is the website to visit to get the best, up-to-date information on metal detectors.

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