Martin Sumichrast all set to attend the Best Buddies Gala to be held in Charlotte, NC during Fall 2017

12 Apr, 2017 – At the press meet held this week, the spokesperson of Level Brands said that they were delighted to announce that their Manager, Mr. Martin Sumichrast would be attending the Best Buddies Gala in Charlotte, NC that would be held this Fall 2017.

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Best Buddies International is the well known non-profit organization that is dedicated towards the establishment of the huge volunteer movement across the globe for creating better opportunities for leadership development, one to one friendships and integrated employment for those who have IDD or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. This is a joint effort by the Star Market Foundation and Shaw’s Foundation to expand such events by Best Buddies across the globe. This year, Mr. Martin Sumichrast attends the Best Buddies Gala event that is hosted by the supporters of Best Buddies for raising funds to promote and support their latest programs in Tar Heel State.

Level Brands specializes in creating a socially responsible, unconventional and bold branding for all the top profile businesses. With the focus mainly on the consumer products like entertainment, beauty, fashion and marketing Level Brands makes sure that the companies they design help in redefining their leaders. Their dedicated team of experts aim at taking branding to next new levels.

The spokesperson also said that Mr. Martin Sumichrast, is also the Manager of Stone Street Partners LLC makes sure that the operations of their principals and partners are smooth while making sure the special strategic initiatives as well as the firm’s private equity funds are managed perfectly.

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It is true that Marty holds a special place in his heart of his business partners, which is well evident through his statement, “We have very strong commitment and value relationships greatly to sustain and build last longing relationships with our key partners.” He also stated that they work together with their portfolio companies to enable them manage and handle the essential challenges in business. As a partner, they try to establish and define goals that are mutually realistic and are measurable.  He also added that their investors are valuable and patient to deliver their clients with impressive customer service.

The website of Stone Street Partners LLC also has a special section about their team at the link:

The website of Stone Street Partners LLC also has a special section for their team at the link:

According to this web page, one would be able to find all details regarding their team members. This website link would inform the readers that this reputed firm has Mr. Marty Sumichrast as their Manager who takes care of the management.

He is the Chairman and the Trustee of the Babson Capital Growth’s Nominating and Governance Committee and is associated with the Babson Capital Funds Trust Inc. He also holds several prestigious posts like the Chairman of Kure Corp Board, the modern vape firm and lounge and Level Brands while being the prestigious board member of Social Reality Inc.

About Stone Street Partners LLC:

Mr. Martin Sumichrast, the Manager of Stone Street Partners LLC works as a team with partners and experts of debt financing, strategic partnerships, private and public equities to make sure they have a long standing relationship with their key partners. They consider their investors as their valuable assets and strive to deliver their clients with the best customer service. Mr. Martin Sumichrast will be attending Best Buddies Gala in Fall 2017, which is a fund raising event that is to be held in Charlotte region in NC area. 

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