RBD Instruments Inc. offers new line of infrared heaters

BEND, OREGON – 12 Apr, 2017 – RBD Instruments, Inc announced today that it now provides the Thermo Riko line of guided infrared heaters for vacuum applications, surface and materials research, annealing and thermal desorption.

For 30 years Thermo Riko has been a leading provider in Japan of unique IR heaters that deliver the infrared energy from the source lamp to the sample without any loss of energy. Their patented technology uses gold spheroid mirrors in conjunction with a quartz rod. The advantages of this approach include fast uniform focused heating up to 1500 degrees Celsius and without any gas contamination of the sample. Normal tungsten or tantalum wire heaters produce small amounts of gas that can contaminate the vacuum chamber or sample. Since the heat source is outside of the vacuum chamber there is no chance for this type of contamination with a Thermo Riko IR heater.

From analytical UHV systems such as X-ray photo electron spectrometers, Thermal Desorption (TPD), Atomic layer deposition(ALD) to stand alone compact furnaces, the Thermo Riko line of IR heaters provides cost effective IR heat delivered to your analytical sample or product.

The SR1800D is Thermo Riko’s newly released Ultrahigh temperature version of their Infrared Annealing system, SR1800D. Infrared rays emitted from an infrared lamp are reflected by a gold spheroidal mirror and are led through a transparent quartz furnace core pipe so as to be collected at the sample section. The infrared rays thus irradiate the sample to raise its temperature. Instead of discharging the Infrared radiation thought Quartz rod to the sample like GV or GVH series, the SR1800D have a sample at the bottom of the unique spheroid reflector module in order to maximize the power of IR thermal radiation. This will heat up your sample to 1800° C or higher at the maximum speed of 300° C/sec.

Customers can contact RBD Instruments Inc. by phone number (541) 550-5016 or email at sales@rbdinstruments.com

RBD’s website www.rbdinstrument.com is available for further information about all Thermo Riko solutions provided by RBD Instruments Inc.

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