B2Brazil launches Chinese B2B Trade Platform promoting Brazilian and foreign companies

New version of Brazil’s leading B2B trade portal facilitates direct access to China for Brazilian companies, and direct access to Brazil for Chinese companies.

B2Brazil Serviços Interativos Ltda. (B2Brazil) announced today the launch of its Chinese-language B2B trade portal and marketplace to facilitate business-to-business transactions between Brazil and China. The B2Brazil service is the largest B2B portal focused on promoting Brazilian micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) globally, and promoting non-Brazilian SMEs in Brazil. The new platform, located at http://cn.B2Brazil.com, is a localized version of the B2Brazil global service, not only promoting Brazilian SMEs in China, but also promoting non-Brazilian SMEs in Brazil, and thereby providing Chinese SMEs direct access to the Brazilian B2B market.

The launch of B2Brazil in China is a response to user activities and requirements. China is Brazil’s largest trading partner with Brazilian exports to China of $37 Billion in 2016 and imports from China of nearly $24 Billion.  Brazil sells raw materials, semi-finished products and industrial products to China, while China sells mainly industrial products to Brazil. 

Chinese companies will be able to register on B2Brazil in Chinese and all of their content will be translated into Portuguese, Spanish and English.  Membership is free and members receive an exclusive “hotsite” that will be distributed in Brazil and globally. “Free Members” have the opportunity to upgrade to “Premium Membership”, the highest level of benefits offered by B2Brazil, including priority in search results, unlimited product listing, customized online marketing services and support from qualified specialists. The highest level of “Premium Membership” is Premium PLUS, which includes a custom online marketing campaign in target markets.

“We are very excited to expand our service, reach and base today through the launch of our Chinese-language version,” said John Gardiner, a partner of B2Brazil and Director of International. “We already have thousands of registered Chinese companies doing business through B2Brazil and this will make it easier for them and for many more thousands of Chinese companies to conduct trade and business with Brazil,” he said.


In launching the Chinese version, B2Brazil’s service is truly multi-lingual. Besides translating content from one language to three others, all communications between users are automatically translated from the sender’s language to the recipient’s language, so that Buyers and Sellers will be able to effectively communicate with one another to buy and sell.

“We are one of the first Brazil-based online services to launch a version for China and in Chinese language,” said Alexandre Martins, a partner and Director of the Brazilian Business. “This will give a huge advantage to our Brazilian base of suppliers to have more opportunities to sell products to Chinese buyers in their native language, and we expect growth in both leads and transactions.”

About B2Brazil
B2Brazil is a leading marketplace focused on promoting business-to-business (or B2B) contacts and transactions between Brazilian companies and companies in the rest of the world. B2Brazil is the solution for firms wishing to expand their business in an effective and efficient manner, increasing international sales and prospecting global clients. The core business is an important facilitator of trade between Brazil and the world through its online directories and marketplaces in English located at www.b2brazil.com, in Portuguese located at www.b2brazil.com.br, in Spanish located at http://es.b2brazil.com and in Chinese located at http://cn.b2brazil.com.  Member-company hotsites are published in four languages and communications between buyers and sellers are automatically translated. Buyers from 200 countries use B2Brazil.com’s services to obtain product and company information to help them buy, sell and source products and services.

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