Norwall PowerSystems: Homeowners Overcome Power Outages with New Cummins Quiet Connect Generators

Affordable and efficient air-cooled standby generators power homes during outages.

LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ – 13 Apr, 2017 – The new line of Quiet Connect Standby Generators offered by Norwall PowerSystems ( provides homeowners a quieter and more efficient option to power their homes during an outage. Air-cooled models with 13,000 to 20,000 watts of backup power start automatically just seconds after the power goes out. Liquid-cooled models up to 40,000 watts supply power to the largest homes or estates.

Damages add up quickly during an extended power outage. The U.S Health and Human Services agency warns that refrigerators only stay cold about four hours and freezers keep food frozen for 24 to 48 hours—if the doors are kept closed. Other damages are more severe. Flooding from frozen water pipes or a sump pump that failed along with the accompanying moldy basement can add up to more than $14,000 says Cummins Power Generation, a leader in the power generation industry for more than 90 years. Quiet Connect standby generators at Norwall start at less than $3000.

The frequency and duration of power outages continues to increase and puts more homes and families at risk according to a pair of recent studies.

“When a power outage occurs, today’s homeowner needs more than a couple of extension cords to power a refrigerator and some lights,” says Jodie Wilson, Director of Marketing and Communications, Cummins. Traditional portable units have a reputation for being noisy and require multiple extension cords to supply power. In the middle of a storm, someone goes outside in the dark to set them up and get them started. Once running, they require refueling with gasoline in as little as three hours. Quiet Connect generators operate on natural gas or propane (LPG), are permanently connected and start and run automatically as soon as an outage occurs and keep running for days or weeks.

The Quiet Connect generators offer features important to homeowners. They create less noise than a typical central air conditioner and normal conversation is possible just a few feet away. Intelligent load management allows smaller units to power larger houses more efficiently than a larger generator. Automatic operation makes the built-in remote internet access via smartphone, tablet, or computer essential to keep you updated when power goes out. Installation requires placement just 18 inches from a home and fits into the landscape like a central A/C unit.

About Norwall PowerSystems

Norwall PowerSystems, established in 1997 to specialize in the sale of emergency backup power generators and associated equipment, stocks 1,000s of standby generators, portable generators, automatic transfer switches and replacement parts in multiple warehouses throughout the US. With over 55 years of combined experience in the electrical and power plant arenas, sales staff provide courteous and knowledgeable service to customers by listening, taking notes, and providing information in a timely manner. Regular, factory-sponsored training keeps staff up to date on new products. After 20 years in business, Norwall has shipped over 100,000 generators.

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