Designer Gaia Russo Shows Volunteering Values With Infographics Throughout Italy

ROME, ITALY – 13 Apr, 2017 – On April 10th 2017 in Foligno, Italy 10 square feet of infographics, made by Italian graphic designer and artist Gaia Russo, were placed on main town’s square floor, in order to show people, through images and data, the value of volunteering. The setup is walkable and it’ll be showed in Piazza della Repubblica in Foligno, town in central Italy, for three weeks, and then it’ll be shown in different other cities of Italy.

The special project aims to call attention the theme and world of volunteering. The project called “Don’t move it past” (Non passarci sopra) is composed by metres and metres of infographics made by famous graphic designer Gaia Russo and her colleague Lia Cipriani for Censis Institute. The exhibition focuses on the theme of volunteering and commitment to social care.

People walking on the square cannot fail to notice Gaia Russo’s infographics full in data and images about the value and different aspects of volunteering.

The art project is characterized by 10 square metres of infographics about the world and the value of volunteering. The show was inaugurated on April 10th 2017 in Piazza della Repubblica, Foligno’s main square, with the presence of the art and graphic designer Gaia Russo, her helper Lia Cipriani, the presence of local authorities and of the organizers of the project.

The first stage of the exhibition was shown last year at the monumental Tiburtina train station in Rome, where thousands and thousands of people, through the works of Gaia Russo for Censis Institute, were invited to “Don’t move it past” the information and photos on the world of volunteering and their commitment to people in need.

The photo exhibition “Don’t move it past” made by Italian graphic designer Gaia Russo, and promoted by Censis (Italian Institute of Socio-Economic Research), it was shown for the first time in Rome, Italy in the glass gallery of the Tiburtina train station.

The traveling project will include a series of stages in various Italian cities and on April 10th the exhibition was presented and inaugurated in Piazza della Repubblica in Foligno, where it’ll be shown for three weeks.

So says Gaia Russo graphic designer: “The main structure of the exhibition remains the same in comparison to the previous one: we show stories of solidarity, people in difficulties and people who offer their help free of charge. In addition to solidarity projects described in the previous exhibition, some others are shown in Foligno and in the cities throughout Italy. This large fresco is entirely represented on the ground with printed material where people can walk on. Visitors are invited to explore the different aspects of volunteering and “Don’t move it past.”

Continues Gaia Russo: “The end point of the path is the town’s square, where you can read a lot of data about rich volunteering world in Italy. An infographic of 10 square metres, in which visitors get to know who are volunteers all over the country: who they are, where live and how many hours they dedicate to people in need.”

The exhibition was changed in comparison to the original structure, according to a new environmental context (external spaces instead of indoor). We also tried to involve visitors through the data (Istat, 2014) so they can think about the volunteers experiences.

The goal of the project is going through Italy, collecting and putting in touch the stories of many small and large organizations that everyday deal with volunteering in our Country .

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