RICHMOND, VA – 13 Apr, 2017 – She’s About Business Inc. launches its membership website platform and sister nonprofit for children! The Richmond- VA-based empowerment company is committed to the empowerment of women and children. She’s About Business was founded on the belief that this commitment makes it the perfect online source of growth for women who are looking for growth in key areas of life or those who are looking to make a difference by supporting a great cause.

She’s About Business’ culture is centered on Helping Women Around the World be About the Business of Living Their Best Lives! Specifically, the company’s core values are centered around offering preparation, inspiration, and information in the 3 key areas of:

• Faith
• Business
• Personal Development

The founder of She’s About Business – Diathe Garnes, teamed up with other women leaders from different walks of life and backgrounds to create a vast library of resources, including Ebooks, articles, videos, E-courses and more, all dedicated to the key areas of faith, business, and personal growth.

Set to launch on April 12, 2017, www.shesaboutbusiness.com has multiple membership levels to fit various needs and budgets with membership options that include personal coaching and strategy calls for those who want to really accelerate the benefit of the platform.

In an effort to give back and positively affect the lives of children and single parents longing to be more successful, the company is also positioned to launch its sister non-profit, Kids About Business on the same day.

Kids About Business is a non-profit mentoring program based in the Richmond- Va area. The organization is committed to the empowerment of children ages 8-14, specifically focusing on building leadership, communication, social, and entrepreneurial skills. A special program designed to help single parents is also a vital part of the organizational makeup, because of the belief that empowering children and parents go hand and hand. Set to also launch on April 12, 2017, www.kidsaboutbusiness.org offers detailed information on the mission, core values, goals, and other important details about the organization.

The launch of both www.shesaboutbusiness.com and www.kidsaboutbusiness.org indicate that the sense of giving back and making a difference has not been diminished in a society that has recently been bombarded with an overwhelming sense of division. With joint missions of improving the lives of women and children everywhere and from all walks of life, She’s About Business and Kids About Business stand to reiterate the idea that we are all not so different after all and that at our cores, are all very connected by our innate sense of wanting to succeed and find purpose.

“Women and children are at a higher risk for poverty and mental illness within most societies. Working to help them be more empowered to succeed only strengthens the world around us, making it a better place for us all. What better purpose could one find for their endeavors?”

– Diathe Garnes

About ABC She’s About Business and Kids About Business

Both She’s About Business and Kids About Business were both birthed from a desire to be of service to others and to make the world better by changing one life at a time. Author and motivational coach, Diathe Garnes is the founder and owner of She’s About Business and the President/CEO of Kids About Business.  Diathe has been working to empower women and children for over a decade because of her belief that empowering women and children is vitally important in the strengthening of the institution of family and in our society as a whole.

Visit www.shesaboutbusiness.com and www.kidsaboutbusiness.org to learn more.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/u9zZ7nUx4P4

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