The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates helps a califonia Homeowner REVERSE the trusted sale and get her texas investment property back with a fixed 3.94% rate and a giant principal reduction!

Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates a Faith Based Mortgage Lending, Real Estate, Loss Mitigation Legal Clinic

Costa Mesa, CA, USA – April 13, 2017 – The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates seemed to be the last hope for Ms. Tanja Taylor. After many long frustrating years of unsuccessfully trying to get her Mortgage Lender to lower her mortgage payments down from an unaffordable $1329.78 payment. Her variable interest rate loan was at 9.34% on her Texas Investment property and because of the market in Texas she was now severely underwater by more than 200%. Ms. Tanja Taylor was $61,000.00 behind on her payments when her lender finally foreclosed on her. 

Fortunately for Ms Tanja Taylor the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates has a running track record for successfully completing many Trustee sale reversals also known as R.E.O Reversal. That’s when a home has already been foreclosed upon and the property has not been re-sold to an innocent third party.  According to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Director of Legal Services; Attorney Peter Nisson a 2nd generation attorney whose father was also a very highly respected Attorney and past President of the Orange County Bar Association. Peter Nisson graduated in the top of his class from USC then graduated from Pepperdine Law School 2nd in his class. Peter Nisson has been practicing Law since 1974.

Attorney Peter Nisson who is an Appellate Trial Attorney also makes it a point to help, guide, and assist underrepresented Consumers by offering his legal expertise thru the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates efforts in helping consumers to benefit Homeless Veterans and the Homeless Elderly.

Pete Nisson states “It’s not at all easy to get banks to reverse a trustee sale. It makes it even more difficult when a Homeowner doesn’t have possession of the home any longer. Especially for a Non-owner Occupied property. Not something you see every day.”

On January 18th of 2017 a full Rescission of the Trustee Sale was issued by Ms Taylors Lender granting Ms Taylor back legal ownership of her property months after she was foreclosed on at a Trustee Sale in Texas, all the while Ms Taylor lived in California.

To make it even more remarkable, once the property was back into Ms Taylors name the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates was also able have her lender eliminate all her missed payments and arrearages and grant Ms Taylor a tremendously large permanent Principal Reduction where now Ms. Taylor only owes a total of $65,000.00 on her Texas home at a 3.94% fixed for the remaining loan term. Now her principal and interest payments are only $404.24 plus tax and insurance.

Moral of the Story, never abandon your Faith, never give up hope when it comes to your home. Theirs already way too many homeless in our Country as it is. If you wish to lower your Mortgage payments, save your home from foreclosure, even if you wish to simply refinance or purchase a home.

Even if you wish to purchase a home as an investment to help someone avoid foreclosure, call, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates at 855-622-2435. 855 NACA-HELP or visit their web site

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