Freestanding Baths Now Available for Different Budgets, Announces JT Spas

Those on a budget but who have been dreaming about freestanding baths for a long time will be happy to know that at JT Spas, freestanding baths come in all shapes and sizes – and for all budgets, as well.

JT Spas understands that budget is often a major consideration for those who are planning to redecorate or refurbish their bathrooms. Not everyone has an unlimited budget, after all. For those who are planning to change some important elements in their bathroom but are wondering whether they can really afford that freestanding bath they have long been dreaming about, JT Spas has some good news: the range of freestanding baths on offer at JT Spas from different manufacturers is more affordable than ever.

If budget is an issue, customers need not worry, announces bathroom product supplier JT Spas. Although freestanding baths have long been presumed to be an expensive product, thanks to JT Spas’ close and long-standing relationships with a number of freestanding bath manufacturers, the freestanding bath selection at JT Spas can be offered at more affordable prices. One such example is the Moretti contemporary freestanding bath, which features one end which is high-sided and the other end which is wider and fits comfortably to the body.

This freestanding bath, which measures 1550mm by 780mm by 760mm (making it ideal for smaller bathrooms as well), is on sale for only £799 – a £700 drop in price from its original retail price of £1499. Yet another more affordable freestanding bath is the Moods Richmond double-ended freestanding (roll-top) bath featuring a classic and elegant claw-foot design which is only £351 – a drop from its regular retail price of £532. The same type of freestanding bath from Moods Richmond is also available in black and the less expensive price of £338.30.

Customers should be able to choose from the wide array of freestanding baths being offered at JT Spas without worrying too much about budgetary restrictions. In fact, JT Spas can confirm that its pricing for all its products is less than the retail price in other shops and suppliers. The site also features regular sales on different products, so customers who are lucky enough to ‘drop by’ the site may well be able to take advantage of unique sales and offers as well. Without a doubt, customers should be able to find exactly what they are looking for at JT Spas – an ideal find that not only fits their aesthetics and preference, but also their budgets.

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JT Spas is an established bathroom product supplier which offers affordable yet high-quality bathroom products, including a diverse freestanding bath selection. All its products can be found on the JT Spas website.

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