Startup Greengow invests $2 million USD in a Push-to-Talk Radio application that translates in real time

Push-to-Talk technology allows users to talk in different languages in real time and keep relationships abroad

Startup Greengow Tecnology Inc. is launching a new app into the world market. With a US $ 2 million investment and push-to-talk radio American technology, with voice capture and simultaneous translation, Greengow is first launching in the United States followed by France, China, Brazil, and Russia.

“Using Greengow app, for instance, two friends, one French and one Chinese, can speak directly from their home country to an American friend, each one in their native language, keeping the originality and fluency of the conversation.Greengow interprets the tone and modulation of the original voice and translate for everyone on the same call in real time. A simple call or an audio-conference in multi-language groups has numerous advantages for the corporate world as well,” says Carlos Tanaka, project Manager of Greengow Technology.

The users can communicate in 10 languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin) and Russian.

Greengow APP is available for download on Play Store and Apple Store. Through this app, all the users interact with each other in their native language which makes the communication fast and efficient. In addition to being able to hear the voice in the original language, the user can also listen to the digital voice translated and read the transcribed message.

Each user receives 100 ‘greens’ for free when they download the app for the first time. Greens are basically, the Greengow’s own currency which is consumed as the conversation flows.On an average, 100 greens provides 200 translated messages. The users can purchase prepaid packages of more greens that are available for $ 3.99 with 200 greens, $ 8.99 with 500 greens or $ 13.99 with 1,000 greens. There is also the possibility of unlimited use for $ 19.99 per month,  $ 29.99 for six months. For communication in the same language, the greens are not consumed.

The user can expand their relationships in the Greengow World through interactive communities (chat rooms) under categories such as Business, sports, entertainment, wellness and culinary.

“Greengow also offers free channels grouped by different subjects that do not require any greens for inspiring more people to join this new and innovative global community for communication. You just need a smartphone with internet access for an ultimate communication experience. Our goal is to reach 5 million users within two years,” adds Tanaka.

How to download

1. Download Greengow for free at the PlayStore or Apple Store

2. Wait for the code by SMS

3. Enter the code in the appropriate field

4. Enter your data

5. Ready! Now you can start a conversation in your language with anyone who speaks one of the ten languages of the app.

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