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Services Geared towards Clients with Long-Term Marriages and High Net Worth.

Eidelman & Associates is a firm of divorce lawyers who combine experience, compassion, and a sincere commitment to making divorce less stressful on their clients and their families. The attorneys understand that every divorce is unique and so are the needs of the client. This includes the legal differences that the law applies to couples who have been married for many years and those who have a high net-worth.

Long-Term Marriage

When couples decide to divorce after many years of marriage, their lives have typically become more intertwined and difficult to separate. Child support is no longer an issue for most, but the amount of alimony will be increased according to the length of the marriage. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer who is familiar with the state laws can provide guidelines on what the projected alimony payments will be whether they will be the one paying or receiving it.

Often, couples who have been married long-term have accumulated significant assets. In addition to taking these into consideration, the court will also look at the amount of debt incurred to determine a fair settlement for each spouse.

High Net Worth

In divorces where there are large amounts of money, businesses, property, and other assets involved, there is even more room for error that could result in a major loss for one spouse or the other. Sometimes one spouse may be willing to agree with whatever the other wants just to get the divorce granted so they can move on. In other cases, a spouse bases their potential outcome on what another couple experienced, leading to more demands.

At a time when there are a lot of raw emotions guiding them, there is also the need to look at whether the other spouse may be attempting to hide assets, what the tax consequences of a settlement will be, and how the dissolution of the marriage will impact the future of a jointly-owned business.

Nothing is more important than hiring an divorce lawyer who understands how complex any divorce can be and who will make getting the best financial outcome for their client a top priority. Eidelman & Associates is devoted to helping divorcing clients face the future with confidence.

About Eidelman & Associates

Eidelman & Associates is a law firm in Allentown, Pennsylvania that is committed to handling matters related to divorce. Founder, Mary J.B. Eidelman, has more than thirty years of experience in providing excellent litigation and mediation services for straightforward and complex divorces. The feature that sets Eidelman & Associates apart as a divorce and child support attorney in Allentown, PA., is their compassion towards their clients and the children who must live with the outcome of the divorce for the rest of their lives.

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