The Sick System – Should the medical markets turn into a business model?

“The Sick System” by Bernhard Stein
Bernhard Stein has a good look at the ailments of the healthcare system in his new book “The Sick System”.

Everybody knows that the healthcare system is anything but healthy itself. After doctors turned into businessmen with the aim to provide good quality care while also making a profit, the health of the system became even worse. The results of many changes to the system include unfair care (depending on how rich you are and what kind of insurance you have), illogical treatments, and even inhumane actions. The patients are the ones who suffer most – while politicians keep talking without making necessary changes. Bernhard Stein takes an honest look at the current state of the health system and shows readers where exactly the problems lie.

Bernhard Stein, however, does not only show the weaknesses of the system. He uses the information he collected from various sources and from his own experience, to show readers of “The Sick System” how the system can become healthy again. He talks about the opportunity for a fundamental reorientation within the healthcare system: the transformation of the old-school hospital into a lean, modular and regionally networked unit. This new system would not be about competition, but about synergy – and the goal would be a fair, logical, and humane treatment for patients from all backgrounds.

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