BG Badminton Academy Launches in Singapore

Singapore – BG Badminton Academy has landed in Singapore with a burst of energy and enthusiasm. They provide world-class badminton coaching at convenient locations around Singapore, and welcome badminton players of all levels. Whether the student is an absolute beginner, a recreational player, or the student that holds more passion, skill, and dedication, Badminton Academy is suitable for all.

The family run business first hit the ground running in 2003, by a father and son who are extremely passionate about badminton and share the same values. Badminton Academy has come a long way since then and they have trained more than 1,000 students and have developed many high-profile athletes such as the youth Olympian Bernard Ong, national shuttlers Fiona Seah and the owner himself, Gerald Ong.

The BG Academy System has a particular strong approach as they have stated which is ‘Approach, Coach, Support’, ensuring all students are fully supported, and have access to badminton information online their website. They strongly believe that this approach ‘Delivers results and saves you countless frustrations from bad performance,’ as stated on their website. By providing the student with the uppermost badminton training, the student can learn and improve radically, therefore saving time and frustration from bad training. Badminton Academy stands strongly with the belief that badminton is also a lifestyle and that student can learn valuable life skills through Badminton.

They offer private training sessions for adults and children, and group badminton coaching. With group coaching, they offer each group 4 or 12 sessions at 2 hours each, all at convenient locations in the North, West, East, and Central locations of Singapore.If a student is seeking out private badminton coaching, they can also set their own location. Badminton Academy then selects the best coach for the student and sends them to the chosen location. They recommend 1.5 to 2-hour sessions, however, they remain open, flexible, and the student has a lot of control for what feels comfortable for them, and what fits their routine and daily lifestyle.

They are not only a Badminton Academy, but they are also a unique, passionate, enthusiast community, with a Meetup group online offering support and problem-solving for badminton players in Singapore.

Overall, they offer top Singapore badminton training and coaching, with a lot of flexible lying in the students’ hands. They offer free consultations over the phone, and have a 100% guarantee results in a month, or the student will receive their money back.

Media Contact
Company Name: BG Badminton Academy
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