Laura Morse Provides Pro Bono Therapeutic Writing Course to Inmates in Maryland Prison

Therapist at Sun Point Wellness Center in Silver Spring provides free reflective writing course to inmates that strives to directly improve lives.

Noted Therapist Laura Morse, M.Ed., NCC will be offering specialized services to inmates in the Maryland Department of Corrections.  The twelve-week intensive sessions, called the Circle of Strength Reading & Writing Reflection Group, will focus on inmate relations with each other, exploring personal experiences, and sharing observations of the outside world through writing and class discussion.


Each week is devoted to a new and different aspect of the world around the inmate including:

Descriptive Writing on Cell: Participants describe their feelings and perceptions of life in a prison cell through personal narrative

The Prison Poetry Project: Using Poetry to Describe Important Life Events

Expository Writing: Expressing Experiences with Discrimination & Prejudice and Overcoming Obstacles

Participants will have an opportunity to reflect, share, and express themselves, while empathetically considering the different viewpoints from other inmates.  The goal of the free program is to help inmates develop a degree of understanding and compassion for themselves and others in the outside world.  Additionally, the twelve-week course focuses on journaling and developing skills as a writer.

“Many of the participants desire an outlet to express and process their experiences,” said therapist and group leader Laura Morse.  “This course gives participants a chance to learn and develop these skills in a manner comfortable to them…and in a situation they all understand.  Eventually, it is a goal for each inmate to transfer what they learn back into their personal lives and society.”

Each week focuses on a different style of writing and developing skills as a writer.  All will share experiences with one another and have the opportunity to discuss what they have learned in a safe, supportive group setting.  The final outcome is a full portfolio of writing that the inmate can use as a tool for growth and reflection.

According to Morse, it is a goal of the course to teach self-expression without having to resort to common techniques in prison life such as using physical intimidation or joining a gang.  “A writing portfolio will give confidence to those reentering society to find gainful employment and reform interpersonal bonds,” said Morse.

Laura Morse’s professional practice is in the Sun Point Wellness Center in Maryland.  She provides therapy to help people in the greater Silver Spring and Bethesda area to overcome obstacles related to depression, interpersonal relationships, anxiety, addiction and trauma.


Laura Morse, M.Ed., LGPC, NCC offers customized and individualized talk therapy to couples and individuals in Maryland.  With over a decade of mental health experience, she’s helped hundreds of people make positive changes in their lives.  Call today for a free phone consultation to discuss your goals for therapy.


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