Mobinee LLC today announced the addition of original design scarves created by its founder, Ginette Thibault, to be carried exclusively on, its new fashion website. Borne from a passion for photography, colors, textures and an appreciation of a scarf’s potential as a trend-setting item for women of all fashion senses, Ginette has created a beautiful collection of scarfs based on nature’s themes.

All the scarves on Belmistique are made of 100% silk fabric without any synthetic fibers incorporated into their finished products. “In many synthetic-natural fabric mixes such as silk and polyester, adding the polyester makes the fabric much cheaper to produce,” said Ginette Thibault. “The result is an unnatural synthetic mix with a questionable or unknown percentage of natural fibers, that we place on our skin every single day. With Belmistique, wearers can rest assured they are wearing high-quality, all-natural breathable fabric every single day.”

Focused on offering unique colors and designs, Belmistique knows the fashion possibilities are endless for their scarf creations, so they work hard to continually introduce new designs and products for their customers for every season and occasion.

“Head on over to our website to peruse our ever-expanding selection of all-natural silk scarves,” said Ginette Thibault. “And, if you like what you see, spread the word on the availability of our original designs for purchase.”

Belmistique, a division of Mobinee LLC, is a full-service women’s accessories eCommerce platform specifically designed to offer scarves to women who prefer all-natural fiber scarves. Mobinee LLC, is a company that offers quality products to consumers through eCommerce websites.

For more information, or to start shopping at Belmistique today, visit:

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