Prestigious Law Firm TL Brown Announces plans to launch new Social Media campaign and provide free and valuable information

Bankruptcy and Immigration Law via Social Media. Following press release from Alex Lopez at TL Brown Law

San Diego, CA – This month, the prestigious southern California based  law firm, TL Brown is announcing plans to give professional guidance on immigration and bankruptcy laws via social media. TL Brown Law Firm which specializes in entertainment law, bankruptcy law, and immigration law is now accepting inquiries from social media followers who are seeking law advice in their specialty areas. The new social media policy was inspired the recent controversy over immigration law. TL Brown Law Firm realized there was a need to connect with their current customer base and larger public by addressing common questions about new immigration policy changes. The firm is also taking this opportunity to address other common law inquires dealing with entertainment and bankruptcy laws which are also a major concern within the larger population.

After recently creating a twitter account TL brown has already amassed a sizeable following.’ ” We’re excited. We’re very excited. The new avenue of communicationprovides the Law Firm an additional way to share our knowledge about bankputcy law and immigration law. Since the economic downturn in 08, there has been an sharp increase of bankruptcy cases” says the office manager Alex Lopez, “you hear so many bankrputcy programs and people without expert knowledge giving shaky advice. It makes people confused and they are wondering how to navigate the legal system. That why we wanted to connect
with people via social media. We’re here to help and answer their concerns”. Alex continues “California is a state full of immigrants. Lately, there has been a lot in the news about immigration policy changes and it has raised a lot of questions and concerns with the immigration population. The Law Firm is here to give people advice about obtaining citizenship” The consultations are free of charge. There is no cost or obligation.

TL Brown Law Firm is actively seeking new clients in the entertainment industry as well. California, a state notorious for it’s glorious Hollywood culture, regularly attracts a large and creative entertainer population. Although California has a large pool of amazingly talented entertainers, many are left confused about the business side of show business. Many entertainers are susceptible to signing deals with no representation and to sign shady deals and shark contracts that have unfavorable terms and can lead them down the bitter road of financial loss and distress. We’ve all heard the stories of the wronged entertainer. T he group that only received a small % of record sales and are now broke or the charismatic comedian that was barred from performing in certain venues under terms that were only made clear in barely legible small print.

Tl brown not only seeks to protect their clients against these pitfalls but to also educate them so they can understand the laws principle so that they can readily use and apply. Browns experienced in providing services to the entertainment industry such as negotiation, contract disputes/drafting/review or issues pertaining to intellectual property (copyright and trademark) and publishing. TL brown helps it’s clients navigate the challenges that the business side of show business. This saves them both time, money, and headaches.

TL Brown Law Firm is dedicated to servicing their clientele but most importantly they are seeking to connect with the public by allowing them to better understand law and how to apply it to their everyday lives to make it easier.

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