Awesome Technology Break Through from Tabex

“Tabex Vision technologies offer their customers online conversion such as pdf to excel, pdf to jpg, pdf to HTML, pdf to txt, pdf to XML and more.”

Tabex Vision technologies, a document intelligence cloud platform, announced today their latest technology breakthrough that can help customers with their online PDF conversions. The company claims that they made a significant step today towards realizing the vision to make visual data, accessible and re-utilizable for businesses and knowledge workers. 

“Our team of innovative scientists and creative engineers has started to test our data capture web clipper. We are currently talking to a few enterprises for contracted solutions in data and insights extraction and workflow optimization. We are also looking for additional intros to potential customers and channel partners. 

We are open to investments from knowledgeable value-adding investors that can help us move to the next step in the pursuit of this exciting business venture.”

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Tabex Vision Technologies develops advanced computer vision technologies for text and data extraction from a variety of file formats.  They offer data capture from tabular structures, from infographics, web pages and advanced intelligent crawling and search services for the cloud storage. Features and benefits from using their platform include:

1. Automated PDF Table Detection
2. Concurrent Multiple PDF Files Upload
3. OCR and  automated rotation detected
4. Large File Size
5. Advanced Settings Console
6. Extracted Document Preview
7. Multiple file output formats 

Their tool offers online conversion for:

1. PDF to Excel
2. PDF to XML
3. PDF to CSV
4. PDF to JPG
5. PDF to PNG
6. PDF to TIFF
7. PDF to Txt
8. PDF to HTML

Media Contact
Company Name: Tabex
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Phone: 646-264-3394
Country: United States