LILIBOBO Diamond Wedding Ring Donation Charity Event Starts April 15th


“This event is so meaningful!” they said twelve years ago, “If you organize this Diamond Wedding celebration again we would love to join.”

To fulfill their wishes, twelve years later, Mr. Yingjie Li, founder of Beijing Jin Hui Bei Dou Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., in partnership with LILIBOBO colored diamonds and gems, is again organizing a Diamond Wedding ring donation charity event.


Mr. Li explains that a diamond wedding anniversary celebrates sixty years of marriage, precious emotions, love of family, enduring relationships – everybody’s dream. In 2005 he ran a Diamond Wedding ring donation event, attracting enthusiastic reaction and excited participation from all walks of life. Among those celebrating their diamond anniversaries were a Chinese pilot who flew in the second world war, regular folk, a famous film artist, a Hong Kong pianist, and so on. These now elderly husbands and wives once devoted themselves selflessly to their country, contributing to its independence and strength, and young people should remember them.
Mr. Li continues “All around the world, diamond wedding anniversaries are rare and therefore worthy of esteem, we want to come to more areas and give a platform for older people to tell their story, giving an example for young people of the value and meaning of marriage.” Twelve years later the circumstances are right to again arrange a Diamond Wedding ring donation charity event.


The registration period for the LILIBOBO Diamond Wedding ring donation charity event runs from April 22 to July 31, 2017.

During this time, couples married for at least sixty years who hold passports and appropriately dated wedding certificates, can register via the LILIBOBOGEM WeChat official account, or via email to

This event has no geographical restriction in order to allow even more people to benefit compared to the previous time.

The rings donated in this charity event are LILIBOBO “Ink&Lotus” couples’ rings, with the husband and wife who have been married for longest receiving a lady’s ring embedded with a one carat cultured blue diamond, greatly increasing the value of the donated gifts compared to before.

The organizers have written a poem for this event:

Beautiful purples, brilliant reds, silk dances with flowers,
Husband and wife, close as goldfish, swimming midst the lotus,
Twelve years later colored diamonds sparkle still,
Gold and jade lotus blossoms again bestow to her.
Further details of the event process, donation quantities, and terms and conditions, will be published via the LILIBOBO GEM WeChat official account.

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