Healthy Home Mold Services Inc. Announces Special Offer for Attic Mold Inspections

McHenry, IL – Attic Mold is a very common problem in the Midwest. Frequently, homeowners are unaware they have a mold problem until the put their home up for sale. An interested buyer hires a home inspector, the home inspector finds a ‘mold-like substance’ or ‘dark staining’ in the attic, and the deal falls apart. The buyer may be fearful about buying a home with mold, or they aren’t concerned about mold at all but see an opportunity to pressure the seller to accept a lower offer.

Healthy Home Mold Services Inc. can offer expert advice to resolve attic mold problems. A technician will inspect the attic and take samples of the area of concern to be analyzed by a certified laboratory. If the lab determines there is no evidence of mold growth a clearance letter is issued. If the results confirm mold growth the homeowner is given a report of the type of mold, the conditions that likely caused the mold growth and recommendations for attic mold removal.

Healthy Home Mold Services Inc. specializes in attic mold remediation using a unique two step mold cleaning system. The first step removes mold and mold staining. The second step works as a non-mechanical air scrubber. The nontoxic, biodegradable product is fogged throughout the entire home to remove mold spores and other particles such as dust and allergens from the air. The home is left fresh, clean and free from excess mold spores.

“We firmly believe in continuing education and collaboration with professionals in our field around the world to constantly refine our approaches to providing healthy environments to our clients, says Valerie Diedrich, company President. “Our understanding of mold and how it relates to health concerns is constantly evolving. We are committed to staying on top of the latest discoveries in our field to provide the best possible service to our clients using safe, nontoxic products.”

Healthy Home Mold Services Inc. has limited appointments available for free attic mold inspections, a $325 value. The inspection includes a surface sample sent overnight to a certified laboratory for rush processing.

Healthy Home Mold Services Inc. is located at 3327 W Elm St., McHenry, IL 60050.

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