Mango Studios Offers Affordable Engagement And Wedding Photography

Mango Studios is a photography studio located in the heart of the city of Toronto, with offices and photographers located throughout the US, Canada, and Miami.Their team, is made up of many talented, professional, and award winning photographers, with a mission to provide their clients with the most affordable and professional wedding and engagement photography in the area.

Mango Studios began as a love story of a happy couple Mo and Nancy Govindji. They met, fell in love, and decided to combine their talents of vision and business together to create MANGO “Mo And Nancy GOvindji.”Since then, they have worked hard to create a passionate team or “family of passionate artists, designers and wedding photographers who photograph really wonderful people, moments, love, laughter and everything that happens in between.” MANGO has been very successful for the lovely couple and has been voted one of the best wedding photography studios in Canada.

The team at Mango provides their services internationally, “from Singapore and Greece, to England, Thailand, Kenya and the Caribbean.” They have photographed numerous weddings all at different venues; indoor weddings, barn weddings, beach weddings, hall weddings, outdoor weddings, and the list goes on and on. They also specialize in engagement photoshoots, providing photo booth opportunities, and children’s photography.

Mango Studios ensures the best service for their customers. They understand how important and special it is to capture those special moments, and do their best to make sure the customer’s visions and needs are met. When booking with MANGO studios, they start with a consultation with the customer. They bring in their close team of event coordinators, production managers, studio managers, social directors and photographers. They talk with their clients to see exactly what they want and exactly how they vision their special day. They will accommodate all your requests from detail, to style, to colors, to backgrounds, they make sure theyare satisfied with every detail prior to signing the photography contract.Their ultimate goal is to help eliminate the unwanted stress associated with having the prefect someone to capture the special moments in one’s life.

On their website, are many testimonials of feedback from many of their previous customers. The success of the company is demonstrated through all of their positive feedback. There they have displayed manyof the photos they have taken to show how professional they really look.  From wedding photography, family photos, event photography, and much more, the feedback from all their services is very positive.

If someone is looking for a wonderful photography company that all of their photography needs, check out Mango Studios website for more information.

There they have their story, a photo gallery, testimonials, price, contact information, availability and much more information.

Also, their business page can be foundonmany social media pages including:Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Media Contact
Company Name: Mango Studios
Contact Person: Nancy Da Costa
Phone: 416-366-4723
Address:9 Davies Avenue #203
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada