Raychelle Meyers Offering New Book on Strategies of Running a Business

Boss Girls in the Boardroom Designed With Women in Mind

April 14, 2017 – Author Raychelle Meyers has become one of the most inspirational figures in all of Texas. The president of Raychelle Productions and the CEO of Apples and Oranges Corp, she operates a number of programs around the state that help with fighting poverty and helping people to receive the support they require.

Having been raised in a difficult poverty-stricken household, she started a child care organization for corporate mothers. She worked with a number of business participants over the years and developed her business to get her out of difficult times over the years. Today she has produced her newest book, Boss Girls in the Boardroom, and has released it as a new production to help women about what they can do to run their own businesses the right way. It particularly focuses on the strategic processes involved with running a business and making it stand out in one’s own unique way.

The book includes information on how to be productive and to make a difference in society. It focuses on understanding what   women can do in order to succeed and how different ideas can be utilized. This can help women with getting their businesses up and running while also creating a positive atmosphere for running all sorts of particular efforts. It also focuses heavily on the strategic plans for running a business to make it more viable and easier to operate in a variety of forms.

The chapters in this new book entail many key subjects for improving upon how well a business can operate. These include chapters on planning in the boardroom, planning a strategy for growing a business, how to train staff members to be their own leaders and understanding what it takes to be confident and comfortable with certain projects. This is all to help people with getting the most out of the efforts that they want to enter into.

The book will help women with learning about how to establish a strategy and how they can succeed in many forms. The details are rather sensible and easy for many to follow without being too complicated or otherwise hard to follow.

This all comes from Raychelle Meyers, one of the most experienced figures in entrepreneurial efforts in Texas. Her story of coming back from being against the odds is inspirational and fascinating for all people to read about and explore. This will especially help people with knowing what they can do in order to go far in the business world and do all sorts of things that can satisfy the needs of their clients among many others.


Raychelle Meyers is an entrepreneur in Texas and the founder of the Apples and Oranges Corp. She works with poverty-reduction programs around the Lone Star State.

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