Fan Marketer App Could Help Users Successfully Promote Their Product To The Market

Recently, a new product called Fan Marketer has just been launched to help marketers save lots of money for running their promotions. The tool gives users a chance to control which recording to enter their advertisements, what content the promotions uses and so on.

Fan Marketer is web-based software that enables users to create more fans to their fan page and drive more traffic to their website. Users can setup this fully hosted SaaS app in just a few minutes and get more fans on autopilot daily regardless of the niche they are in. It is very convenient for marketers to promote their product to the market. Users can take full advantages of Fan Marketer without spending any money on ads and time on the page

By using Fan Marketer, marketers are allowed to get new targeted fans to their fan page on complete autopilot. Once the system has been set up, there is no need for marketers to do it again or manually update anything.

It isvery important for marketers to keep their fan pages alive and fascinating because that is how they can attract real fans. This new module facilitates marketers to automatically post images, videos, and links to their fan pages. They can also connect directly to any website feed using RSS or post Youtube videos automatically.

Moreover, users can completely customize the comments and replies that the software uses with “on the fly” editing. Keyword placeholders inside the app enable users to make the keyword ultra relevant to each campaign. Spintax and this “spintax test” feature allows users to randomize them and make sure they work.

Not only that, users can control the speed they want to post their automated content to their fan pages. The producers offer users three settings to select, and they can manage the speed by using a slider.

With Fan Marketer software, users will be able to fulfill the following functions quite easily:

• Get unlimited new fans to any fan page they want
• Steal fans from other fan pages
• Run multiple campaigns in parallel
• Find and re-post viral niche content from other pages
• Auto Engage with fan pages and post content
• Use multiple keywords to find and engage with fans
• Fully automated fan page replies poster
• Fully automated fan page comments poster.
• Spintax built-in for all replies and comments
• Viral Content Poster built-in for finding and posting amazing content to get more organic fans
• Use this RSS Feed based content poster to share and post content from blogs

According to the producers, Fan Marketer is suitable for everyone who is pursuing any business model, such as branch, mainstream store, manufacturer, online sponsor. Moreover, the software is designed to be easy to use as it only takes three steps for marketers to follow. The first step begins with building a new campaign, choosing the fan page they want to grow and adding three keywords in their niche. Then, the software will find hot pages with a large number of fans and high engagement on the content for them. After that, Fan Marketer soft will automatically engage and get fans from their selected fan pages.

“This looks fantastic! I have been using Fan Machine for a while, but this is clearly a massive improvement being web based. I love the look of Fan Marketer auto posting viral content from other pages, nice feature. And Fan Machine has also helped build my Twitter account on auto pilot by linking Facebook with Twitter so I am really looking forward to seeing what this does to engagement! Fan Marketer looks like a no brainier!” quoted by Aidan Gibson, a happy customer of Fan Marketer app.

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