Daniel Simone Pens New Book

“The Pierre Hotel Robbery” All Set for Pre-Order

Already a well-documented story, “The Pierre Hotel Affair” by Daniel Simone is now available for pre-orders on Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.com. Known for his prolific style and stories, Daniel Simone is available to give his insightful wisdom and introduce his followers to another one of his top sellers.

This is the dramatic, suspenseful story of a Mafia backed robbery whirling with the elements of lust, betrayal, high-level political bribery, and an intense love affair that ended in a heart-wrenching tragedy.

It was the score of several lifetimes. Eight audacious armed robbers, according to the Guinness Book of World of Records, executed the largest unrecovered jewel heist in history, and the Pierre Hotel was the victim, leaving the authorities clueless and dumbfounded.

The Pierre is a famous Manhattan landmark. It has hosted presidents, kings, and queens. On the frigid night of Jan. 2, 1972, while everyone was sleeping off the New Years Eve hangovers, those bold, fearless gunmen invaded the posh hotel, held it under siege for 21/2 hours, and made off with $28 million in cash and jewels. (A quarter of a billion dollars in today’s present value)  No one has ever confessed or been prosecuted for this spectacular robbery, and only a diamond necklace had been recovered, and that was by accident.

According to retired FBI Agent John Simmons, Nick ‘the Cat’ Sacco, the sole surviving pirate of the headline-dominating Pierre escapade, was the most wanted jewel thief in the country, if not the world.  And in collaboration with Sacco, Daniel Simone authored The Pierre Hotel Affair, transporting us deep into the crevices one of the world’s top crimes. It led to a moving but tragic, love story.

This book tells the never before publicized facts provided and detailed by one of the perpetrators of the Pierre heist. It was a brazen escapade of epic proportion that entranced the media and amused the whole nation. With life-like vividness, Simone reenacts Sacco’s version of the robbery and its murderous aftermath in a fast-reelin style, floating in endless suspense.

“The Pierre Hotel Affair” is now available for preorder in hard cover, eBook form, and audio CD.  Do not miss your chance to join in this dramatic journey through a crime of thievery, which is all set to explode off the shelves!

Meet the Authors:

Author and journalist Daniel Simone has co-written autobiographies and published numerous feature stories on prominent figures in film, theater, and fiction. On August 2015, Lyons Press published The Lufthansa Heist, a book that Mr. Simone co-wrote with Henry Hill, whose life and criminal career is immortalized in the blockbuster film Goodfellas.

Nick the Cat Sacco was a jewel thief. According to FBI sources, who also collaborated with Daniel Simone in the development of The Pierre Hotel Affair, Sacco was not only the most wanted burglar in the U.S., but had also amassed more wealth than the top jewel thieves in history.  Mr. Sacco is currently in the Federal Witness Protection Program for matters unrelated to the Pierre robbery.

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