Highest Rated Home Product Helps Level Wobbly Tables, Chairs

Flexible ‘Wobble Fixer’ Can Stabilize Indoor, Outdoor Furniture

Culver City, CA – Uneven furniture isn’t just a nuisance it can be dangerous. Do-it-yourself fixes may provide temporary solutions, but often don’t keep a wobbly table or chair stable for long. A perfect product released by Metric USA was designed to help stabilize wobbly, uneven tables and other furniture.  It is now available for freshening up your house or business in time for spring cleaning. It is the highest rated of its type on Amazon.  Our customers just love it.

“Wobble Fixer” is a stackable furniture-leg leveler that can easily be cut to fit any table or furniture leg to make it level with the other legs. The product’s non-slip print keeps furniture firmly in place. The durable, weather-proof levelers can be used on both indoor and outdoor furniture. They are sturdy enough to be nailed to any furniture legs without cracking or splitting.

Wobble Fixer is available for sale in convenient packs of 12 or 50 customizable pieces with cutting lines that make them easy to fit to any size table or chair leg.

The product is now available for purchase at Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EN6HUHW

“Anyone who is sick and tired of coming up with insufficient hacks to stabilize their wobbly table and chair legs will love Wobble Fixer,” said Rita Haft, president of Metric USA. “No longer will you have to stuff scraps of paper or cardboard under your furniture to make it stop wobbling. Wobble Fixer does the job and does it right, making all your furniture level and safe.” 

Wobble Fixer joins Metric USA’s wood floor protectors, the first product in their new line of home improvement products. The customizable wood floor protectors stop furniture from sliding while protecting hardwood floors, countertops and other surfaces in the home. 

“Our customers were so happy with the quality of our wood floor protectors that they demanded we provide more products for the home,” Haft said. “We recognized a need to level all types of furniture, so we created this fantastic, customizable product.”

About Metric USA

Metric USA is a family-owned business that has been creating convenient, comfortable wearables for over 60 years. Metric has been the leading manufacturer of lingerie and swimsuit cups for the women’s intimate apparel and swimwear markets both in US and Europe for over 70 years. Their signature product, Metric 66, is a super-soft fabric traditionally used in high-end lingerie. The company recently added a new division focused on manufacturing high quality home products. All of Metric’s products are manufactured at a socially-responsible plant located in Sri Lanka.

Learn more about Metric Products at http://www.metric-products.com

New Home Product Helps Level Wobbly Tables, Chairs

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