The Rise and Fall Of a Poor Man is available for pre-order for just $0.99

The Rise and fall of a Poor Man, a book by John Rose, is now available at discount on Amazon until the 21th of April, 2017.

You can pre-order on Amazon for just $0.99 up to the closing date.

This first electronic book launched by the Publisher Fronteira do Caos Editores on Amazon is a tragicomedy inspired by real cases. It tells the story of a poor, nearly illiterate boy named Alexander Baum, who grew up in a street where crime and poverty went hand in hand and who one day, thanks to football, became a multimillionaire hero of the masses.

Alexander was too much of a restless spirit and could not handle all the money, fame, vanity and opportunists. His days were spent training, on team retreats, travelling, playing and doing commercials and photo shoots. His little free time was spent on luxury and extravagance, in the company of false friends and professional model Joanna Pasteur, with whom he married without first ascertaining whether she was trustworthy.

After a decade of great success came the end of his career, the loss of income, tax burdens and a divorce that cost him millions. A fatal combination that quickly ruined Alexander, who again had to fight for a dignified existence.

Will he be able to turn his life around? This book has a surprising ending!

The publisher’s representative Victor Raquel says, “We are launching our first electronic book on Amazon. We believe it is one of the best ebooks in the market today. There is now a good opportunity for people to buy the ebook at a low price.”

It is possible to share and subscribe to pre-order the eBook version on Amazon for just $0.99.

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