New Book Launches “The NEW Health Code Project” for Women

Empowering women to finally overcome chronic stress and burnout, coAuthors, Thomas R. Clay and Dr. Craig Koniver MD, announce the release of their new book, The NEW Health Code for Women: How to Shine Bright

NORTH LAWRENCE, OHIO – 14 Apr, 2017 – Women have it all. The stress, the crazy hormones, the kids waiting at the door when they get home…Not that they are complaining. Quite the opposite. They are doing it all, in spades. 

The problem? For women today, health issues are becoming increasingly complex and layered with problems that chip away at their mental and physical wellbeing. “Unfortunately, modern medical practices often dismiss women’s health issues by just writing a prescription or two…which can increase stress and toxins that build up over time,” admits Dr Koniver. 

What to do? Dr. Koniver and Mr. Clay have a solution that is working so well they have taken it on the road, in webinars, books, wellness programs and retreats. Their methodology peels back the layers of chronic stressors and poor health and introduces effective approaches to women’s health and the health of their families.

Their new book, “The NEW Health Code for Women: How to Shine Bright Without Burning Out” reveals their innovative new approach to women’s wellness. Readers will discover their groundbreaking “X” factor, which is a four-pronged approach to tackling emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellness for women, mothers, and families. It’s an easy-to-follow system for rebooting one’s own personalized health care system.

Dr. Koniver adds, “This book offers ways to address numerous disorders including: Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation; Chronic Stress and Burn Out; Digestive Issues and Food Sensitivities; Hormone Imbalances and Adrenal Fatigue; Obsessive, Compulsive, & Addictive Behaviors; Depression and Anxiety;Thyroid Dysfunction; Sudden Weight-Gain; and more.” When queried, Mr Clay reveals, “Our mission includes working with holistic doctors, wellness coaches, and alternative health practitioners to empower, educate, and coach busy women how to be their own personal health advocates and their family’s wellness coach.”

“The NEW Health Code for Women: How to Shine Bright Without Burning Out” will be officially released April 17th, on Amazon.

Thomas R. Clay, is the founder of the Health Design Institute and has been a health and wellness coach for the last 20 years. He is the founder of a community outreach project called The NEW Health Code for Women which provides the resources, tools, and support that modern women need to thrive in this demanding world.

Craig Koniver, MD Started his practice as a traditional doctor, but quickly realized that modern health care practices were simply inadequate to solve many health issues impacting today’s women and their families. He has identified what may be the single most powerful health tool on the planet while helping over 10,000 of his patients.

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