California League of Bond Oversight Committee (CaLBOC) 6th Annual Conference “School Bond Oversight Basics” on April 25th in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA – 14 Apr, 2017 – Carole D’Elia, Executive Director of the Little Hoover Commission (a bipartisan independent state oversight agency) will be the Keynote Speaker at the 6th Annual California League of Bond Oversight Conference on April 25, 2017 in Sacramento. The Commission’s February 2017 report on bond oversight recommended development of training materials for locally-elected officials on bond issuance and requiring a truth in bonding statement for review by elected officials prior to authorizing a bond issuance.

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committees (CBOCs) were established by an act of the state Legislature in 2000, in part to help ensure that Proposition 39, a 2000 initiative enacted by voters to lower the threshold of votes required for local school facilities bonds from two-thirds majority to 55 percent, would pass.  Bond Oversight is no small task. Since 2001, voters have enacted more than 1,100 local school bond measures under the reduced threshold totaling approximately $138 billion in local bonding capacity. One fifth, or more than $28 billion of that total was added in 2016. Voters approved 41 measures in June 2016 and another 169 in November 2016.

CaLBOC’s Mission is to promote school district accountability by improving the training and resources available to California’s Prop 39 school bond oversight committees, educating the state legislature, local school boards, and the public about the oversight and reporting power these Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committees (CBOCs) have, and to advocate on a state level, where appropriate, on issues of common concern to all CBOCs.

Topics for discussion include the Brown Act, Performance Audits designed to assure compliance with law and the efficiency and effectiveness of the bond program, transparency and public involvement, tools for reporting to the public and prohibiting expenditures that are not appropriate, case studies in bond oversight and how to prepare for a new bond measure. 

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