New Open-Source Backup Software Offers Simplicity for SMEs

CANADA – 15 Apr, 2017 – Infinite T3ch, an SaaS development firm and consulting service, introduces its new software Lback, which is now in the beta stage. Lback is an open-source backup tool for Linux that is designed for ultimate simplicity and convenience. It is designed specifically with small and medium-sized enterprises in mind, and allows users to perform both local and remote backups.

Lback is designed to help users meet their distributed data center goals. The open source library is completely based on data storage across different servers. Lback will collect, distribute and monitor data on separate servers. According to developers, the area where Lback really shines is its user-friendly interface. Even technically challenged people can quickly learn how to use the software. It is a software with a simple set of commands and none of the frills that might confused users who are not tech-savvy.

The best thing about Lback is that it’s simple. Very simple. Our design is by far (in our opinion) the most normal way to do backups, and restores. The learning curve may not be as steep as other software, allowing our users to be more productive in other areas instead of wasting their time trying to figure out a technically difficult software system. We’ve worked with real-world SMEs and produced this product entirely with their requirements in mind.”Nadir Hamid, Software Developer at Infinite T3ch

Lback will soon become available to the public. For more information about Lback and Infinite T3ch, or to learn about any of the company’s other projects, please contact Infinite T3ch directly or visit

About Infinite T3ch

Infinite T3ch is a premium SaaS firm that provides development, testing, management, and versioning. Infinite T3ch believes that having a structured and maintainable application is what makes or breaks projects, and it strives to provide customized solutions and expert insight to every client. It works with small, medium, and large businesses to provide exclusive services for technical causes. It is primarily focused in the development of monolithic Linux software where it has a working portfolio. 

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