Profit Jackr – Innovative And Automated Software That Simplify The Launch Jacking Process With Automation Power

Profit Jackr
Digital Marketers should have known and be familiar with “launch jacking” – the most newbie friendly method of making income in 2017. However, it is painful when thinking about manually using launch jacking no matter how efficient it is. That come the birth of Profit Jackr.

“Launch jacking” helps people  to earn profit and traffic from other’s products and make instant commission in a few hours. Unfortunately, the process take sometimes 10 hours or more. Therefore, some experts in digital marketing world named Billy Darr & Justin Opay & Andrew Naser & David Kirby have together createnewproductcalled Profit Jackr to simplify launch jacking and make it as easy as possible for people to follow and use.

Profit Jackr is a brand new web-based software that simplify “launch jacking” and make it fast, simple and efficient for its users every single time using the software. Not only does it help people to seek for the best launches to “jack”, it also ease the progress of getting traffic. Automatically, the software does all the boring, tiring and tedious work for its user. Moreover, it can also searches upcoming launches that are potential to invest in, without any guess works.

In minute of using, Profit Jackr will show people a simple overview of profitable offers to choose, people can connect their YouTube account to the software. Next, the software will build 2 tire backlinks to get the page to number 1 on Google and YouTube rankings, the final showdown is the power to syndicate the video to many social 2.0 websites for maximizing the traffic.

According to the product creator Billy, what used t take 10 hours of making in launch jacking can now be finished in 10 minutes with a few steps. Profit Jackr software comes along with some features below:

1 Click YouTube Connect & 2 Tier Backlink Builder: This features the ability to connect user’s website to YouTube channel. The minite a video is uploaded to Youtube, Profit Jackr will launch the backlink and syndication campaigns.

Manual Poster: Profit Jackr also allows manual posting when using the software.

Built-In Scheduler: This allow people to schedule which tiem they want to start the campaigns.

Profit Jackr Analyzer: An Updated launch list pulled from Mucheye is also included inside the app. This feature not only let people know of upcoming launches but also lets them know the lauches that would be no difficult to rank for.

Rank Tracker: The built-in feature that can monitor Profit Jackr’s campaigns to see how well they are doing,

Inside the software, its users will receive not only the Profit Jackr Cloud-Based App but the step-by-step video training course as well. The training course show people how to get start with Profit Jackr soft and start making profit with it. Everything will be revealed for everyone.

 “I thoroughly checked out the ProfitJackr software and was amazed at how simple it was to use and get results from.” Said Mosh Bari – Super Affiliate, a beta tester or Profit Jackr. “I highly recommend this to anyone whose just starting out online and looking for a way to get traffic and sales.”

People purchasing Profit Jackr will get a complete business model with a software that does all the heavy lifting for them include the step by step training video inside. Some bonuses are also being offered as a method to ease and enhace peopleb’s experience with Profit Jackr.

People can find more details in Profit Jackr Review.

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