An Elf in University Campus-Airwheel Z8 2 wheel quality electric scooter

Airwheel Z8 mini light weight electric scooter is famous for small figure but powerful riding performance. More importantly, it is one of the safest portable transports in the current. Besides, it is small and light. Many university students prefer to buy Z8 as their daily travel transport within or around the campus.

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University campus is a big and free land. Every student would like to select a travel transport and bike becomes a common choice. However, bicycling is never the best idea, for it can’t guarantee students’ safety and cause parking problem.

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In recent, Airwheel Z8 mini light weight electric scooter is quite popular among campus. It is accepted by both students and university authority.

Airwheel Z8 colorful balancing electric scooter

In the very first place, Airwheel Z8 2-wheeled electric scooter is suitable for all of students. The light but tough magnesium frame enjoys features of strong impact resistance, light weight and high load capacity. Its item weight is 6.5kg, but load capacity reaches 75kg. At the same time, the operating rod can be regulated according to the riders’ height. It follows that Z8 is suitable for all of students. High riding performance plays a key role.

It is equipped with a pair of 3.2-inch PU small wheels, which have specially-designed tread pattern and thus enjoy excellent wearing resistance. Even if in snowy or rainy days, Z8 can freely and safely run on campus roads. In addition, it is powered by branded li-ion battery cell that guarantees sufficient power supply. Moreover, safeguarded by eight protection systems, battery over-discharge and over-charging can be effectively avoided, which largely ensures riding safety.

Airwheel Z8 colorful balancing electric scooter

Airwheel Z8 colorful balancing electric scooter is equipped with dual shock mitigation system, which ensures comfortable operation and smooth riding experience. The electronic brake system will protect students’ riding safety to the hilt. When emergency happens, riders can press the brake key and will gain quick, accurate and stable stop.

Airwheel also designs an exclusive APP for Z8. This APP can be connected with phone. On the one hand, students can get to know some real-time data about scooter, including riding speed, mileage, battery, track and outdoor temperature. On the other hand, students can realize some controls via the phone and fault self-diagnosis is one of them.

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