Heavy Duty & High Quality Industrial Storage Racks Now Available For Global Supply From Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd

Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd globally supplies a large range of industrial storage solutions, including heavy duty racks, flow racks and other products.

Companies can now procure heavy duty racks and other types of storage solutions from the Chinese company at affordable prices. Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd specializes in designing and supplying industrial storage solutions that can meet the storage needs of a diverse group of industries.

The company offers an extensive range of industrial storage racks, including drawer racks, gorilla shelving racks, high quality gravity racks, multi-level drive-in racks, and other varieties. Each type of racks has their own specialty, and an industrial client can choose between them as per its storage requirement. These racks are available in different capacities and are made of rust-free metals, like galvanized iron and stainless steel. These are durable and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage. Fitted on pallet racking beams, these racks can serve the purpose of flexible shelves. With solid steel panels, these are a safer alternative to timber decking.

Heavy Duty & High Quality Industrial Storage Racks Now Available For Global Supply From Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd

Industries that need a heavy duty racking can rely on Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd for their different types of racking systems. The company offers plastic pellets heavy duty racks, large gravity racks, cantilever racks, warehousing racks and other products. These racks can handle different sets of static and dynamic loads and are suitable for storing a wide range of products. Available in different sizes, these heavy duty racks have different capacities. These racks are also suitable for load transportation and efficient cargo handling.

Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of racking and storage solutions and their flow racksare ideal for the storage of the fast moving products. Unlike a static racking system, the flow rack is driven by gravity and is easily accessible to an operator. The company produces flow racks that are perfect for high density storage applications. These racks are made of durable materials and are fast movable, based on the pallet system. The flow racking system makes inventory control and monitoring a lot easier.

To know more about different types of racking solutions that the company provides, one can visit their website http://www.palletrackshelves.com

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