Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited specializes in effective handling of air separation fluids

Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited produces various tanks, trailers and equipment that deal with industrial gases. They cater to the needs of industries that require LNG gases and different cryogenic gases for their manufacturing requirements.

Gas cylinders and LNG equipment have always been in demand at various industrial areas. Manufacturers make sure that they are in contact with professionals that have expertise in this field. Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited is one such firm that specializes in this tools and equipment. They provide wide range of products that can match the needs of different companies from different fields.

LPG tanks are available in four different varieties that include storage tanks, ISO containers, filling station and Semi-trailers. The LPG storage tank comes with a good working pressure that range between 0.7MPa to 2.16MPa. Its tank capacity is made to serve small industries as well as big industries. With range of 10m3 to 1000m3 the storage tank can serve all kinds of manufacturing needs. Users can go through the detailed specification and select the storage tank that meets their requirements. The LPG tank containers come in two different options that include the 20 feet and 40 feet tank capacity.

Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited specializes in effective handling of air separation fluids

At Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited there are eight different semi-trailer models available. The total capacity of these models range from 29 M3 to 58.2M3, it is important for the buyers to check the detailed specification and buy it according to his manufacturing requirements. Along with LPG trailers buyers can also check out the refilling station. These refilling stations are customized depending on the user’s requirements. Cryogenic pump is useful for industries that deal in nitrogen fluids, carbon fluids, liquid argon and various other industrial fluids.

When it comes to centrifugal pumps it is important to focus on the flow rate. The flow rates of these equipment range from 13m3/h to 24m3/h. Buyers should make sure that they go through the reviews provided by previous customers. These reviews help a lot when it comes to making a smart purchase. These products can be expensive and one does not buy them regularly. Professionals at Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited understand the importance of user satisfaction and focus on quality. The buyers can also get into consultation with the professionals at the company and get their queries solved.

They also supply LNG vehicle cylinder, available in the capacity range of 150l to 500l. They have different models of LNG cylinders with different diameters, lengths, filling weights and other parameters. These cylinders are of GB, TPED and DOT standards and are suitable to be fitted in different vehicles. They have different sizes and dimensions that make them compatible for different vehicles and different models. The cylinders of made of quality materials to be used in vehicles and which can withstand higher temperature levels.

About Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited:

Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited is based in China and they have been involved in the manufacturing industry for a long time now. The professionals make a proper research in each of the manufacturing sector and they make sure that the buyers get exactly what they need. In order to check out the products, one can check out the above mentioned website. 

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