Sales Fokuz Offers New Fast, Easy and Paperless Sales Force Management App

Sales Fokuz proudly announces the launch of their new cutting edge sales force tracking and management application, which has been developed by a group of young entrepreneurs – Manodh Mohan & Anoop G to help field service businesses track, manage and schedule their sales force in an easier and more effective manner. The app has been specially designed improve productivity and performance across different types of industries and sizes of businesses that have a sale force in the field.

Sales Fokuz was designed to help manager and entrepreneurs of small and medium sized businesses that are growing and have a sales team that are on the move to find leads and meet clients at different locations, the app will make it easier to keep track of their work force’s work performances such as Lead and meeting activity. It provides a single solution for businesses that are finding difficulty in coping with evolving and expanding sales force management needs of the business, using the conventional methods of recording and managing sales force data. Manodh Mohan & Anoop G wanted to cater to the needs of businesses that have a growing sales force in the field and manually managing and tracking them is becoming a challenge that affects performance. “Our app, Salesfokuz helps managers to view leads pool, check how many of your sales force present on duty and their location. It is designed to assist the salespeople in scheduling meetings, target achievements, punching and requesting leave.”

The software has been developed to be easily integrated into a wide variety of businesses, it works as a planning system that enables managers to perform active work scheduling including tracking lead activity in an effective manner using a mobile app.

The app’s easy to use features ensure that both managers and workforce employees are able to track and organize their tasks in time, hence improving performance, time management, and efficiency. The app costs $80 per person for a year.

“There are plenty of disadvantages of using the same old process to streamline the business, and the sales team process to describe the sales report, it will lead to unhappy customers, stressed team, missing out the targets, and increased costs and time. The situation can be reversed with Sales Fokuz App. It will definitely be a problem solver to your business,” added SalesFokus company spokesperson.


Sales Fokuz is a startup established by two entrepreneurs company name TRINITYMASCOT CONSULTACNY SERVICES PVT.LTD. of based in India with a commitment to develop technology that empowers other businesses in improving performance and management through simple, easy and efficient systems. For more information, please visit: Sales Fokuz Offers New Fast, Easy and Paperless Sales Force Management App.

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