WooHoo Smart Home Hub Could Become A Savior Product For Telecom Companies

WooHoo is by SmartBeings and the world’s first AI-based interactive and affordable smart home hub with facial and voice recognition. WooHoo has inbuilt the 4G LTE and has set to become the saving grace for telecommunications carriers and providers.

San Francisco, CA – April 17, 2017 – Unlike other smart-home attendant devises presently on the market, WooHoo by SmartBeings – the world’s first AI-based interactive and affordable smart home hub with facial and voice recognition – has inbuilt 4G LTE capabilities that could be the saving grace for telecommunications carriers and providers.

Globally, telecoms are challenged by low subscription growth, leaving them with a need for innovative solutions to help turn that around. SmartBeings’ WooHoo Hub, with its around the clock connected vision, ensures that WooHoo doesn’t have any downtime thus remaining in constant communication with other devices connected to it. Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is significantly impacted because of readily available messaging services that enable consumers to make free phone and video calls. Similar to how telecoms have had their eye on the connected car market, they have also been challenged by finding an entry into the rapidly expanding $121.73 billion smart home market.

The 4G LTE functionality present on each SmartBeings’ WooHoo device differentiates it from any current smart home device on the market that requires WiFi for Internet access.  This feature enables telecoms to partner with SmartBeings and enter one of the quickest growing industries on the market and increase bandwidth consumption; all while greatly increasing their stagnating subscription growth, worldwide

Unlike current devices on the market, WooHoo has the ability to house multiple user profiles and, thanks to WooHoo’s voice recognition and 360-degree rotating camera with facial recognition, WooHoo knows exactly which user profile to engage. So if Mom asks WooHoo to play her favorite music playlist, it will be different than if 12-year-old Johnny requests the same. And unlike the existing products, WooHoo’s natural language processing capability makes talking to the device easy and … well, natural.

“A smart-home hub with 4G LTE capabilities provides telecoms with an opportunity like they never had before, seeing as this market [smart homes] not only provides additional channels for data consumption, but also the ability for telecoms to enter a previously closed off market,” said Joseph Santos, SmartBeings’ Chief Digital and Marketing Officer. “Being that WooHoo is an all-in-one smart home ecosystem, data is all around and this is a great starter kit to help telecoms expand all their offerings. It’s time to start thinking about the new era of home phones.”   

SmartBeings, Inc., will demo their latest version of WooHoo on Tuesday, April 18 at 3:05pm EST, on the Olshan Stage during the IoT section of live demos at New York TechDay 2017.  The event takes place from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. at Pier 94 on Manhattan’s West Side.

Consumers can easily integrate almost any connected device thanks to WooHoo’s WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, ZWave, and 4G LTE capabilities; and even better, access and manage any of those devices (i.e., air-conditioning, lights, TVs, gaming consoles, smart locks, security cameras etc.) through WooHoo’s cloud-based Smart Platform.

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