On The Run Meals Adding Health to Every Meal

Look out for the body now and when age hits, the body will take care of itself; it is a saying that is always heard but the meaning has always been taken lightly. With genetically modified foods, soils deprived of minerals and the ever reducing fertility, the food grown on farms is constantly reducing in quality. Overtime, cooking methods have made it increasingly difficult to get a decent meal on a plate in any other place but at home. On-the-Run (OTR) meals, is a company that seeks to bring the customer the convenience of pre-cooked meals, with the care of a home cooked meal.

After a hard day at work, customers need assurance that they can order food that, will not only arrive promptly, but will be cooked to high standards. OTR Meals upholds the value of nature and prepares food with no additives. Their diversely skilled team is keen on sourcing, preparing and delivering food that: contains no GMO ingredients, is locally produced, nutrient rich and the meat is hormone-free.

They know that getting a decent ready cooked meal in the current times is tedious. So, their job is to provide the customer with nothing but the best that nature has to offer with no processed sugar or additives. Their goal is to bring back healthy eating into the clients life without all the hustle that comes with sourcing food and recipes. They take on the heat so their customers can find living a healthier,and more productive, life easier and fun.

With OTR Meal’s intuitive and ever changing menus, which include vegan diets,their clients can choose what they would like to eat on given days of the week. Prior to signing on for a membership, first time customers can choose from the trial meals; so, they are able have a feel of the services and food that OTR Meals can offer them.

Other than enjoying the delicious meals and prompt service, clients who become members also benefit from the loyalty program. The program includes a referral program, internal promotions and contests to offer members better value for their money.

About the Company

OTR is a healthy foods delivery company based in Toronto that has been in the market for a while now. Theyprovide healthy meals to people who love to keep it natural. They source their own food; and their in-house team of professionals, that range from nutritionist to natural health coaches, come up with the menus, prepare the food and then deliver it to their customers.

They aim to keep their online presence is vibrant. On top of being able to reach them by phone;their clients can also visit their website at otrmeals.com and order there. They guarantee their customers that their foods do not contain any genetically modified produce, or hormone enhanced meat. All the ingredients used in their foods are locally sourced and organically grown.

Media Contact
Company Name: On the Run Meals Toronto
Contact Person: Sanja Menicanin
Email: jamesobrainon@gmail.com
Phone: (416) 985-7116
Address:55 Nugget Ave
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Website: http://www.otrmeals.com/contact-us/